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A lot more to  offer than tulips, windmills and clogs…

As our first students prepare to spend their year abroad ‘with European Study’ at Tilburg University, we take a look at what it has to offer and why you should consider a year abroad in The Netherlands.

Bicycles everywhere…

Great For Exchange Students

Tilburg University welcomes around 400 hundred exchange students each year. The University of Exeter Business School has a partnership with the Tilburg School of Economics & Management, which offers an extremely wide variety of modules to enhance your studies and academic experience.

Tilburg University also offers a Summer School programme, with intensive academic courses and a diverse cultural and social programme. This would be a good option for students who don’t want to go for the whole year, but still want to experience the merits of studying abroad.

Why Tilburg University?

“We teach our students so that they are in a position to take on positions of responsibility in our society. We introduce them to the latest scientific insights, constantly challenging them to get the best out of themselves. Our students and employees form an international community that is eager to look beyond the confines of its own boundaries. The size of our university and our compact campus make for an open atmosphere in which everyone can feel involved.”

Life in Tilburg

Tilburg University has a rich student life with over 40 student organisations, excellent sport facilities and a large number of pubs and bars. Living in Tilburg is relatively cheap compared to other university cities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. Living in the Netherlands for one year costs a foreign student between € 680 euros and € 810 per month.


What Our Students Think

We asked our student Adrienne White, BA Economics and Econometrics with European Study, who is spending her year abroad at Tilburg in 2013/14, her thoughts about spending a year abroad in The Netherlands. Here’s what she had to say:

Relaxing on campus

Why did you choose The Netherlands? 

When I was first looking at studying abroad I was interested in going to an Italian university     but without the necessary language credits from the university itself it wasn’t possible so I instead started looking into the 5 English speaking universities – Turkey, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. My degree title is Economics with Econometrics and so I was after a university that offered math-based modules as well as management and marketing based modules which didn’t fit with the universities in Poland, Turkey and Sweden. Tilburg University and Copenhagen Business school, however, both fit this with a wide range of modules for me to choose from. I ended up choosing Tilburg overall as, not only is The Netherlands known to be a friendly country, but also as Tilburg offers a large amount of help and guidance on arrival days as well as a welcome week and buddy system to help you settle in more which has made me feel a lot more relaxed about going in August. As well as this they offer international halls of residence making finding somewhere to live a lot easier than in most other European countries


What are you looking forward to most? 

I am really excited to go and meet lots of new people as well as just embrace a new culture really! I am hoping to learn dutch as well as any other languages I am exposed to whilst studying there. It should be a great experience and I am really hoping it improves my confidence and independence.

Is there a particular subject area/module that you are really looking forward to studying? 

I have chosen modules that I wouldn’t have taken back in Exeter (out of lack of credits or non-availability) but have an interest in such as an entrepreneurship. The great thing about Tilburg is that you can choose all of your modules and so I have gone for a real variety in my choices.

Have you made any other plans for whilst you are out there?

I haven’t made any plans as of yet only that I will be meeting up with the other student going to Tilburg so I guess I will just have to wait and see!


We wish Adrienne the best of luck for her year abroad and look forward to hearing all about it when she returns.

If you are interested in studying at Tilburg University, or any other of our partner universities, please do not hesitate to contact the International Development Team in the Business School with your queries.


Oh, and we couldn’t leave out this:

Windmills and Tulips!


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