Kia Ora! With International Study in New Zealand…

New Zealand is possibly about as far as you can get from Exeter, so why trek all that way to spend your year abroad?

Here we tell you why you should consider New Zealand and the University of Otago as your year abroad destination and why you won’t regret this opportunity of a life time…


5 Interesting Facts About New Zealand…

1 – The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit were filmed in New Zealand, and it is possible to visit Hobbiton yourself!

2 – Sheep outnumber humans in New Zealand by a ratio of about 13 to one.

3 – A Kiwi in New Zealand is not a small green fruit, but a native flightless bird. And also a slang term for New Zealanders.

4 – Kia Ora (‘hello’ in Maori) is a delicious orange drink, which you are probably too young to remember, but had a very catchy television advert!

5 – OK…for some genuinely interesting and useful facts, please visit this website!


The stunning scenery of South Island, New Zealand.


New Zealand

If scenery and natural beauty is important to you, then New Zealand is the place to be. Otago is located on the South Island, which is the larger of the two islands, the North Island being more populated. On your doorstep you have the outstanding natural beauty of the South Alps, the plains and the rugged coastline. For a ‘city fix’, the largest city on the island is Christchurch, which is full of restaurants, shops and all you’d expect from a modern city.

There are some very good Tourism and Travel websites to help you get to know the country, the area and also the Maori culture which is indigenous to New Zealand. Here are a few that we suggest:


The University of Otago – Business School

The University of Exeter Business School has a partnership with The University of Otago Business School, which is internationally accredited and a provider of word-class education.

Otago is a very international Business School and welcomes exchange students from all over the world. They offer a wide range of modules from Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Hospitality, International Business, Marketing, Management, and Tourism. This will help to broaden your studies and give you the option of focusing on topics you may not be able to cover here at Exeter. Their graduates have an excellent reputation in the international business arena and are well known throughout the world for their independence and practicality derived from the Otago culture.

Need more reasons why? Just visit their website for the full overview:


University of Otago – Clocktower


We always have excellent feedback from students who spend their year abroad at Otago and can try to put you in touch with someone for some firsthand advice. We will be promoting Otago at this year’s Study Abroad Fair in October (details to follow), so please come along to find out more.

Contact the International Development Team with any queries at all about studying in New Zealand or at any of our Study Abroad destinations.


Rob Boyle, BA Economics with International Study (New Zealand) 2012/13



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