Virtual Seminar: Non-emergency medical aid: Does it help or hinder?



In response to ongoing controversy, I argue that non-emergency medical aid helps more than it hinders development. Conditions for success are that it is carried out by dedicated healthcare professionals who respect to the culture and tradition of the visited region and served community, and who have thorough knowledge of the health problems and systems in the target country. Furthermore, they must be experts in their field and good at nurturing human relations. In my brief talk introducing the discussion, I will provide examples from our past experience at Doctors Worldwide.

Speaker and discussant: Prof. Dr. M. IHSAN KARAMAN

Co-Founder of the NGO “Doctors Worldwide”

Head, Dept. of Urology, Medistate Kavacik Hospital and Chair, Dept. of Medical Ethics and History of MedicineIstanbul Health and Technology University