Try out our alpha test version!

We are pleased to announce that we have an “Alpha” test version of the game available here for testing and feedback.  Note that “Alpha” is the test version that comes before “Beta”, the test version which comes before the final launch, so it is not a finished product!  Please bear this in mind, and check out for screen shots of the game screens.

Some elements of the graphics also needs polishing, so please bear with us while we are still working on these aspects.

The demo is set up for the Institute Ice Stream, but the game will have different unlockable levels for different ice streams.  At the moment, we are only working on Weddell Sea ice streams as the game development is being funded by a NERC grant led by Hugh Corr at BAS, looking at the ice streams draining into the Filchner Ice Shelf.

Try out the game at:

(best using Firefox, and not yet supported on mobile platforms. The test version is being temporarily hosted by the developers whilst we put together the website)

What you need to know before you play:

The left hand slider is the input rate (snowfall) control and the right hand slider is the ocean temperature control.  These may be a cloud which changes size, and a thermometer in the final version.

There will be fish in the ocean beneath the ice shelf which will be the “collectibles”, we haven’t put them into this version as we are still perfecting this part of the game…

What else will there be in the full game?

– Training levels and an intro tutorial which explains how the ice sheet works

– “Tutorial mode” with the game play elements stripped out, which can be used for explaining ice sheet behaviour

– A quiz about ice sheets to gain extra points

– A penguin store where you can spend your points upgrading your penguin!

– A website explaining the science behind the game, comparing “Science vs Fiction” in the game

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