We want to find out how NHS staff assess and treat children with special educational needs and disability to help them manage toileting. To do this we will conduct an online survey with health professionals to find out what they do in their practice in the NHS. The responses from the survey will help to answer the following research questions:

  • How do clinicians assess bladder and bowel health of children and young people with neurodisability, their continence capabilities, and readiness for toilet training? Which clinicians are involved in assessments?
  • Which interventions do clinicians use or recommend to improve continence for children and young people with neurodisability and how are these individualised and evaluated and/or audited? Which clinicians are recommending, delivering or evaluating interventions?


We will also survey families, school and social care staff about their experiences of using interventions to improve toileting, in order to answer the following questions:

  • How do families, school and social care staff consider and judge children’s readiness for toilet training and need for specialist assessment and/or interventions?
  • Which factors affect the implementation of interventions to improve continence, and what is the acceptability of strategies to children and young people and their carers?


Watch our video to hear more about the survey! Click on the image below to watch …


Please find below Participant Information Sheets for the ICoN survey which explain what is required in the survey in more detail. There is one for each participant group, and there is also an easy read version of each which is simpler and shorter. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, or you need more information about the study before deciding whether or not to sign up to receive the survey, you may be able to find it on the FAQ page. For anything else, please contact us.

PARENT or CARER – Participant Information Sheet

PARENT or CARER – easy read version


YOUNG PERSON – Participant Information Sheet

YOUNG PERSON – easy read version


HEALTH PROFESSIONAL – Participant Information Sheet

HEALTH PROFESSIONAL – easy read version


EDUCATION or SOCIAL CARE STAFF – Participant Information Sheet

EDUCATION or SOCIAL CARE STAFF – easy read version


ADVOCATE or SCRIBE – Participant Information Sheet

ADVOCATE or SCRIBE – easy read version