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IC2S2 2020 - Psychological Identity in a Digital World

Posted by on 29th Jun, 2020

Meet us at the 6th International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) in the virtual space! We will be presenting (in video format with Q&A at the end of the session) at the following times:

  • 18th July (Sat), 4pm BST: Koschate, M., Naserian, E., Dickens, L., Stuart, A., & Russo, A. (2020). Inferring group membership from forum post.
  • 18th July (Sat), 4.15pm BST: Naserian, E., & Koschate, M. (2020). Does online group membership protect addicts in recovery against relapse: Testing the Social Identity Model of Recovery in the Online World.
  • 20th July (Mon), 8.45am BST: Cork, A., Everson, R., Levine, M., & Koschate, M. (2020). Studying Influence Online from a Social Psychological Perspective.

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