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Intern – Elm Financial Management


What were your main duties and responsibilities during the course of your internship?

During my internship I was able to conduct extensive client portfolio research. This meant that I had to look into the areas in which the fund was invested along with the different regions they were located in. I also was able to sit in on client/advisor meetings as well as helping to ensure that after the meeting the paperwork associated with each individual client was dealt with correctly. This included scanning client documents and sorting them into their appropriate files as well as filling out compliance correctly to ensure that progress was always made.

What would you say was your biggest achievement over the course of your internship?

I would say that my biggest achievement was the amount of applicable industry knowledge that I was able to gain. Being able to see how a financial advisory firm operated in practice enabled me to understand the level of knowledge and attention to detail that is required in order to keep clients satisfied.

What benefits did your internship bring to your employer?

I hope that during my time there I was able to help my superiors by lightening their workload in terms of the research I conducted. I also helped them with archiving and compliance completion.

Did you encounter any problems during the course of your internship and if so, how did you overcome them?

There was a lot of information which I needed to learn but I saw this rather more as an opportunity. The amount of information which I had to take on and incorporate showed me the level of attention to detail that is required in order to be successful in this industry.