Eco-toxicology Development Programme – AstraZeneca

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What were your main duties and responsibilities during the course of your internship?

My main role was to create and develop a Microsoft Excel database of historical control data to assist in the interpretation of eco-toxicology studies undertaken as part of the environmental risk assessment of new pharmaceutical products. I compiled hundreds of individual datasets from studies investigating the effects of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals on aquatic flora, fauna, fish and algae. The aim was to identify anomalies, assess overall variability and so determine warning and action limits for the variability within an individual experiment.

“Having Chris work on the project enabled the data to be collected to be collated in an effective way over a short period of time. We lacked the time and available resources to life the project off the ground and Chris has given complete commitment and focus to the research, as well as a keen eye for detail; which is exactly what we wanted” – Statistician, AstraZeneca