Employer Case Study: Department of Modern Languages & Cultures, University of Exeter

Name of Organisation: Department of Modern Languages & Cultures, University of Exeter

Name of Employer: Hugh Roberts

Job Title: Professor of French

Internship Scheme used: Student Campus Partnership (SCP) | Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter


“Following an initial with Dr Lizzy Williamson (in Digital Humanities) and me, our intern produced a sample in TEI/xml (text encoding) of a poem and related trial record of a research project I’ve been working on. Subsequently, she also produced a style sheet that will allow us to develop a digital edition further and for Digital Humanities to produce a prototype website.

The student produced all aspects of the TEI/xml sample from inception to completion. This is highly specialized work and a significant achievement. It means she has proven herself as a programmer for Digital Humanities and other initiatives.

This was a great opportunity for our intern to learn more about TEI/xml following her introduction to it in Oxford in the summer. It will also allow me to demonstrate the viability of the digital elements of the research project in subsequent research grant bids.”