Employer Case Study: Envirotech R & D Ltd

Name of Organisation: Envirotech R &D Ltd 

Description of Organisation:  Envirotech R & D Ltd is a family business, passionate about the environment and climate change.  Eliminating growing problems faced, such as, coastal erosion, flooding, cliff erosion, converting mining and brownfield sites, and land reclamation, using their technology to grow effectively and quickly.   

Name of Employer: Sharon Morgan 

Job Title: Director 

Internship Scheme used: 

Student Business Partnership (SBP) |Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter 


“A very positive experience, the students that we interviewed were impressive. Good communication from the University and assistance throughout the process.

We will be sending through results of our trials and a full-written report on the objectives set to our Intern at the end of the project.” 

Student Quote – Link to Case Study

“I gained valuable experience in the field while also improving my scientific writing and researching skills that will be useful during, and after, my degree. It has opened my eyes to my future post-graduate opportunities and possible jobs in the environmental field. I was able to travel to the Isles of Scilly with the company to complete scientific trials on coastal erosion, an area I am very interested in, and produce significant results that could have a positive effect on the environment.