Employer Case Study – Museum of Cornish Life

“We have taken part in the Professional Pathways programme since 2018, it is a time we look forward to.”

How did hosting an intern via the Professional Pathways programme benefit you and your organisation?

We have taken part in the Professional Pathways programme since 2018, it is a time we look forward to at the Museum of Cornish Life. It is always surprising to see which elements of the museum’s work the student is drawn to and which aspect of the collection they want to explore. It helps us see our own organisation, service, and collection through new eyes.

How was your experience of hosting a remote working intern?

It was extremely easy and as it was a remote placement we have continued to host our intern for longer as a remote volunteer. We made sure we shared our timetable in advance and had a chat before starting to make sure she had used all the apps we talked about and could load anything in advance. We also used this to run through the timetable and check it worked from both sides. We deliberately left space, as we would do if she was physically volunteering, to book chats with other members of the team. We set aside a daily morning chat to check-in, so any work wasn’t held up.

Given the Professional Pathways internship is 35 hours in total, how would you recommend ensuring both you and your intern(s) gain as much as possible from the experience?

Provide as much as you can that is relevant and helpful, so the intern isn’t overwhelmed. Also, a variety of content, We were lucky as we could send films to watch and have a 3D map of the museum. It is really important to schedule short and regular meeting points each day and deadlines so that any work submitted can have a speedy return on comments.

Why would you recommend Professional Pathways to other employers?

We have expanded our network of museum supporters, had a fresh perspective on what we do and the quality of the interns each year has been astonishing.  They have all been really dedicated, hardworking and completely professional and most important adaptable and open to learning new things.