Employer Case Study- South West Coast Path Association

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“Professional Pathways internships are an invaluable opportunity to ‘see inside’ an organisation”

Line Manager Name: Christie Burton

Job Title: Head of Fundraising

How did hosting an intern via the Professional Pathways programme benefit you and your organisation?

Our intern worked on the early stages of planning for a Youth Membership scheme which is being considered as a membership product that could potentially be offered by the Association in the future. As a young person herself, within the target audience for the scheme, and brimming with ideas, Hannah was able to suggest what she saw as being the most popular benefits that we could offer as part of the package, strategies to link with key organisations and groups, ideas for comms and technology and also some barriers to engagement that we should consider. This work will be seminal in the development of our team’s thinking around the scheme.

What advice would you give to a student considering applying for Professional Pathways?
Professional Pathway internships are an invaluable opportunity to ‘see inside’ an organisation and that insight is more valuable and current than any textbook description of what charities do and how they operate. My advice would be to jump in, don’t be intimidated, get involved and throw your ideas into the mix – odds are that the teams at the host charities and businesses are just waiting to hear from you!