Employer Case Study: University of Exeter, Professional Services; Exams

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter, Professional Services; Exams

Name of Employer: Sarah Miller

Job Title: Response Team Coordinator

Internship Scheme used: Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) , 


“Our intern made an impression straight away on joining his placement team in Exams. He showed great flexibility and adaptability to respond to the fast paced environment. He quickly learnt the systems and quickly became a person who was useful to the team in training other new starters. He has demonstrated many professional qualities and was able to secure a permanent job with the Exams department after a few months with them.

I would highly recommend the GBP scheme, our intern was an excellent worker who demonstrated many positive qualities we would want in employees. Very can do attitude and keen to learn everyday. Took on every task with relish and enthusiasm. All in all a very pleasant employee to manage.”