Marketing Intern – Twisted Halo Drinks


What were your main duties and responsibilities during the course of your internship?

From the day I started I was took on responsibility within the team and was given ownership of my own projects. I set up a brand ambassador programme for the company, and began recruitment and promotion of the scheme on social media. While doing this, I also reached out and contacted many smaller scale bloggers, and ordinary people who would be engaged in sampling the drink and sharing with their friends. I was in contact with many businesses regarding collaborations for competitions, pop ups and event ideas. In addition, there were many ad-hoc duties around the office: organising couriers, creating photo and video content, serving the drink at events, managing stock logistics and researching data for use on infographics.

What would you say was your biggest achievement over the course of your internship?

My biggest achievement from the internship was learning that this is definitely the industry and company I am passionate about, and would love to go into after University. I now know I enjoy the dynamic start-up environment, working with a group of people I have similar interests with, and brand management within the health product sector. As a result of my work during the time at the company, I have been offered a part-time job, working remotely for the company while I am at University.

What benefits did your internship bring to your employer?

As a result of my internship, I have increased brand awareness and following through social media engagement from those I have contacted, as well as creating photograph and video content for our social media channels. Also from the contacts I made, as a result we will be present at London Fashion Week and upcoming Influencer Events. Furthermore, a recent investor to the company has commented on the brand ambassador scheme, and how crucial it will be in the future growth of the business.