Student Blog Post – Project and Audience Manager

“I would recommend the internship programme for any student who wants to embellish their CV by gaining valuable skills.”

Name: Lottie Newman

Degree Programme: BA Greek and Roman Studies

Year of Study: 3

Pathway Programme: Arts, Heritage and Culture

Internship Role: Project and Audience Management

Internship Employer: Villages in Action

How do you think this experience will impact your employability as you enter the job market as a recent graduate, during these difficult times? 

During my internship, I learnt many valuable skills that I think will improve my job prospects, especially during these difficult times. Although the internship layout changed slightly from not having to physically visit my place of employment, having the internship online I think was incredibly insightful. It is anticipated that many future businesses and jobs will be relying on staff members to work remotely. Having already experienced this style of working, I think will work to my advantage. Many skills can be gained from this, such as the ability to work independently and focus on the task at hand, despite being in a home environment. Also, I had to take greater initiative to ask for help and guidance which has definitely improved my confidence. It was particularly important to pace the workload myself, again, developing my self-confidence and independence. I had the freedom granted by my employer to add my own personal touches to my work, such as, filming my own videos and carrying out independent research. This was a particularly useful element of the internship since employers depend on reliable and focused employees (especially while working from home). Also, having to use ‘zoom’ to communicate with my manager was another way in which my confidence developed. Especially since this is a relatively new means of communication, I was glad to have gained this experience in preparation for future roles. Generally, having had the opportunity to have worked during the peak of the pandemic I think has prepared me to adapt to a new style of independent and online working, something which not everybody has experience in. 

Why would you recommend a Professional Pathways internship to future students? 

I would recommend a Professional Pathways internship to future students, since it allows the freedom of independent work, as well as gaining important skills to adapt to the current circumstances. A lot of students, in particular, haven’t had the opportunity to gain relevant work experience recently, making the job market more competitive than ever. This is why I feel the Professional Pathways Internship was really useful, due to its accessibility to all students at the university and the transferral of up-to-date skills, adapting to a new way of working. I also felt that my employer gave me the freedom to choose what I wanted to work on, developing my previous skills as well as having new experiences (especially using ‘zoom’ as a prime means of communication). I also found the application process very useful – submitting my cover letter and often having multiple interviews in one week in an online format. I became very familiarised with this interview process, meaning that the next time I apply for a job, I won’t feel so nervous or unprepared. I also really liked the variety of jobs available under the internship programme, allowing a choice to be made about which skills and experiences I would have liked to develop. This is often unusual with internship programmes which often require specific experiences and skills. Overall, I would recommend the internship programme for any student who wants to embellish their CV by gaining valuable skills, such as independent working and developed self-confidence.