Student Case Study: Farms for City Children

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Student Name: Megan Green

Pathway Programme: Pathways to Charity and Development

Internship Role: Social Media Analyst

Internship Employer: Farms for City Children

What went well in your internship and/or what was your biggest achievement?

I produced a report providing an analysis of the charity’s current social media channels, an evaluation of TikTok as a future platform for the charity, profiles of potential ambassadors and recommendations for future strategy. By analysing engagement on social media, I also compiled a database of ex-beneficiaries.

What did not go so well in your internship? How did you overcome any challenges faced and what would you do differently in the future?

As the internship was remote, I found it difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. I tried to break up my day by going for walks etc and was fortunate to have daily check-ins on Teams with members of staff. It was useful to discuss the prevalence of remote work in the charity sector with members of staff and is something I will keep in mind when choosing a graduate career.
Having completed your Pathways internship, has anything come out of you completing the role?
My supervisor Susie Mann said I’d be welcome to carry out more work experience with Farms for City Children on a voluntary basis if I choose to in future. She also offered to provide me with a reference.
Your message to other students considering applying to Professional Pathways in the future?
“The Professional Pathways programme was really well organised and provided in-depth insight into working in different areas of Charity and Development. It allowed me to gain valuable paid work experience that can be difficult to find in this sector… thank you very much!”