Law Library Move

lawThe Lasok Law Library is moving to the new Forum Library during 29th May – 6th June 2012.  This move has been timed to coincide with the end of the Law examination period which means that law collections will remain available to law students in Amory for the duration of their exams.

The Law Library will remain open throughout the moves and can continue to be used as study space.  However, owing to the disruption of the collection moves, it is recommended that students or staff who require quiet or silent study or research space, use an alternative study space location, during this period.

Law materials will be unavailable for a short transit period only as it moves between libraries. Law staff and students will be able to borrow additional loan items and reference copies during the transfer period, if they need to secure continued access to a particular item during the move period.  Staff and students should speak with Law library staff in Amory in order to make these arrangements.

This represents a major change for users of the Law Library so if you have any questions about the move, please get in touch with , the Law Librarian, for more information or to arrange a tour of the new Lasok Law library.

A new website is being created to support law staff and students which will bring together information about the new physical Law Library arrangements, as well as the breadth of legal material that is available to users online.  A range of tours and training opportunities will also be scheduled for existing and new staff and studentsfor the new academic session.

 The vacated Law Library space in the Amory Building is being refurbished over the summer as part of a £1 million investment in the Amory Building which will include a new study centre on the ground floor, refurbished seminar rooms, an upgrade to the Parker Moot Room and new premises for the Law School.

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