Forum Lockers and Laptops

Have you found the Forum Lockers yet? There are 2 banks of lockers on the upper Level of the Forum, “Northside” lockers (numbers 1-118) can be found opposite the Guild consultation rooms and “Southside” lockers (numbers 119-236) are located opposite Costa Coffee. The keys for these lockers can all be loaned through the Library. Here’s a guide to the 3 types of lockers available and how to use them.


All locker keys can be collected from Express Collections, the area to the left of the Forum Library reception desk. You’ll see all the locker keys hanging on the wall to the right as you enter the room.


First decide what type of locker suits your needs.

“I just want to leave my bag somewhere safe for a few hours”

The Personal Storage Locker (red key fob) is for you. These are empty lockers like you’d find in a gym where you can lock your belongings safely.

“I’m looking for somewhere to store and charge my laptop while I go to lunch”

Why not use a Laptop Charging Locker (purple key fob)? These are designed to hold laptops and each has a built in plug socket so you can charge your batteries at the same time.

“I don’t have a laptop with me, any chance I can borrow one?”

Yes absolutely, you need to borrow a Loan Device key (green key fob). Each of these keys unlocks a locker containing a slimline Netbook laptop that you can use for typing work or surfing the web via University Wi-Fi. Please note Netbooks will only run over the campus wireless network.  They will not work off-site, or via a wired connection.  If the connection is lost, the device will switch off so these are designed for on campus use only but you are welcome to take them anywhere on campus.




Have you decided which type of key you need? Now take it down from the wall and issue it on one of the self-service machines. Like other items from Express Collections, locker keys issue for 24 hours at a time, or over the weekend. Your receipt will tell you the time it is due for return or renewal. You can now go to either the Northside or Southside locker zone and unlock the number for which you have the key.


Please note

Lockers and laptops are free to use but, as these are popular resources and there are hourly fines if you don’t return or renew your keys on time. The good news is that providing your key hasn’t already gone overdue you can always renew it yourself online, so long as nobody else has placed a booking on it. To renew online either click the ‘patron record’ button on the Library catalogue or log-in to MyExeter and just click the ‘Library’ tab. Select Your Library Record > Items currently checked out. The Locker key will show on this list. Just check the box and select renew > yes. If the renewal is successful the new due date and time will be shown. If for any reason the renewal is unsuccessful contact Library staff for help.


When you have finished using your locker or Netbook:  make sure you have removed all your belongings or that the Netbook has been returned and plugged in so the batteries are charged for the next user. Then simply return your key on the machine in Express Collections (always make sure you get a check-in receipt) then hang it back on the wall.

The  locker keys and Netbooks are a new development for 2012 and we are proud to have them available for you. We hope you’ll find them a helpful resource. As always if you have any further questions or would like help borrowing a key just ask Library staff!


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