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A big thank you to everyone who has put in a suggestion to the Library ‘I want one of these’ scheme.

The following titles, suggested by you, have been ordered this month!

Activism and the American novel / Romero

The anglo-saxon cemeteries of Kent / Richardson

Anglo-Saxon Thegn, 449-1066AD / Harrison

Atlas shrugged / Ayn Rand

Baader / Christopher Roth

The boy detectives / Cornelius

Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery / Parfitt

Changing men in Southern Africa / Morrell

Corporation 2020 / Pavan Sukhdev

Darwinian dominion / Petrinovich

Delightful murder / Ernest Mandel

Detective fiction / Robin W. Winks

Exploring strategy / Johnson

How languages are learned / Lightbown

Justifying intellectual property / Merges

The logic of anarchy / Barry Buzan

Lost victories / by Erich von Manstein

Management / Richard L. Daft

Management and cost accounting / Colin Drury

Marketing essentials / Carl McDaniel

Microeconomics of banking / Xavier Freixas

Modern political economics / Yanis Varoufakis

Money, banking, and financial markets / Cecchetti

Naive set theory / by Paul R. Halmos

Only revolutions / Danielewski

Otter country / Miriam Darlington

Stalingrad : memories and reassessments / Wieder

Synod of sleuths / Breen

The Neville Chamberlain diary letters. Vol. 4/ edt. Self

Travellers’ tales / George Robertson

Whatever happened to Sherlock Holmes / Paul 

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