Bookable Spaces 1: Group Study Rooms

In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the different bookable spaces that are available for you on Streatham Campus and at St Luke’s as well as explaining how you can  book them.

Planning some group revision in the run up to exams?

  • There are 14 student group work rooms available to book online using the Request a Room web page and choosing the Student Group Work Areas option.

Group Study Room in the Amory Study Centre

These comprise:

  • 13 rooms on Streatham Campus
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 01
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 02
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 03
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 04
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 05
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 06
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 07
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 08
    • Amory 003 E
    • Amory 003 A
    • Amory 003 B
    • Amory 003 C
    • Amory 003 D
  • 1 room on St Luke’s Campus
    • St Luke’s (Haighton Building) Library Student Presentation Room (student use only)

This really is the main information that you need and, if you forget the link, simply type, “Request a Room” in the main University Search box.

  • To help you retain this information, we suggest booking a room for yourself (and then cancel if not needed).  If you try this you are way more likely to remember the process.

Now, if you want more detail, the real in and outs of the way the system works, there is additional information online and also FAQs, you can find them online

Or just read it all right here in our blog …

Student Group Work Areas (additional information)

Student Presentation Room at St Luke’s

Amory Study Centre

  • Accessed via the main Amory building reception and are located within the Amory Study Centre.
  • 4 x rooms that seat up to 8, screens and laptop connectors available.
  • 1 x room that seat up to 6, desktop PC and additional video recording facilities.
  • Open 8AM-9:30 PM 7 days per week, Monday-Sunday.
  • 1 hours allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.

Forum Student Services Centre (SSC) Interview Rooms

  • Accessed via the Student Services Centre in the Forum – Ground Floor.
  • 7 x rooms that seat up to 3 people.
  • 1 x room that seats 8 people.
  • Bring your own laptop or use a loan lap (available from the IT Helpdesk).
  • Open 5pm – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday.
  • 1 hr allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.


(taken from the Timetabling Team’s web pages ):

What is the purpose of these rooms?

To help facilitate group working and studying, related to your academic studies. 


I can’t book more than a few weeks ahead.

Rooms have been made available on a rolling basis, which allows fair access for all students.


 I have tried to book a session but it was declined, why is this?

There is an allowance in place of 1 hour per week, per student. This can be split into two 30 minute sessions if you wish.


 I need some quiet space; can I book the room out for myself?

This space had been designed for group work predominantly; please see the library website for quiet study space information.

How do I feedback about these rooms?
Please report equipment faults to the Exeter IT Help Desk ( or telephone 3934).  General feedback can be sent via the Student Information Desk using



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