Even more resources! Thinking beyond your subject.

Anyone doing research needs to find the best range of sources of information. We all get used to using the main journals, databases and resources for our own subject. Increasingly, though, we choose projects which cross over into other subject areas – cosmetic surgery marketing might combine sociology, health and marketing topics, while children’s attitudes to money could include psychology, education and economics. Programmes such as Grand challenges can take you even further into interdisciplinary areas, as you work with colleagues from across the University to address real-life issues.

So where can you look for additional sources? Google will help you find useful information, but you may discover that we don’t have access to the full text. To save time you could explore what’s available via Exeter’s subscriptions on the Electronic Library.

As an example, let’s look at Business resources – these often overlap with other subject areas including Geography, Psychology, Politics and Law. Two of the best general databases are Business Source Complete and ProQuest Business. Both have the full text of over 3,000 journals covering subjects relevant to Business Studies, along with news releases and reports. They are easy to use and anyone can log on via the Electronic Library – just select Business as the subject area and click on Find resources.

Other more specialist databases cover company information, finance and market research. If you need help in finding out which databases to use have a look at the pages on Researching Business Online on our subject guide. This has details of all the main databases and includes links to online tutorials if you need help.

Through the Electronic Library you have access to all of the Library’s resources – not just those aimed at your own courses. Why not explore, and see what else you can discover?

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