Get insights and more into Human Rights Law with RightsInfo

rightsinfo-logoThe RightsInfo website was launched in 2015. It makes great use of inforgraphics and social media to share clear and reliable human rights information.  The project is the brainchild of leading barrister Adam Wagner, founder of the acclaimed UK Human Rights Blog.

As explained on RightsInfo 

“Human rights in the UK have an image problem. The public debate is based on misinformation and lack of understanding. Laws and judgments are aimed at specialists. This means that most people are ambivalent or negative towards human rights.

That is where RightsInfo comes in. We believe there is huge potential to do a better job at explaining why human rights matter and how they can change people’s lives. RightsInfo is about using social media to find new ways to talk about and deliver human rights stories and information.”

Take a look at this short video to learn more or have a browse around the site.  You can keep up to date via Twitter and Facebook too.

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