Financial Times online

Do you read the Financial Times?

Even if you’re not studying Business you will find a lot to interest you and support your studies in the online version, This is available to all members of Exeter University via the Electronic Library – listed under resource type Newspapers as Financial Times ( or via the library catalogue.

You don’t need a separate login – just sign in with your Exeter username and password and set up a free account using your Exeter email address and your own password. If you have problems getting into the online version use either of the links above to get back into contact. has all the articles and other information published in the print version since 2004, but it also has a lot more content which can be found on the toolbar under the Financial Times header. Videos are produced daily on news topics in business and politics; Special reports include other topics like the recent report on Combating rare diseases; the In depth section is a useful way of tracking recent subjects of major interest, like the refugee crisis in Europe.

You can read the FT online via your PC, laptop and most mobile devices. For more details see the section on in our ELE Business module.

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