What’s included in the Maritime & Commercial package on i-law.com?

See below for a reminder of all the resources available to you via i-law.com’s Maritime and Practice Area.

Subscription services include:

Over 40 books including:

The i-law team are on hand to assist with any i-law.com queries you may have, and to provide any training or support you require.

Contact our Client Services Team via email: clientservices@i-law.com or call +44 (0) 207 017 7701.If you need help to make use of these resources you can contact the i-law.com team.

You can also book onto one of the regular training sessions using our online training calendar.We offer training videos that will take you through a variety of i-law.com functionality, and you can access the i-law.com user guide at any time.

And don’t forget we have access to the the Insurance and Reinsurance and Dispute Resolution Practice Areas too, providing access to a wide range of similar quality resources.

For access to i-law.com, use the library catalogue link or login via the electronic library.  Guidance on logging on for the first time is available from the e-resources blog.

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