Books_at_JSTOR_Ad_LargeUniversity of Exeter Library now provides access to scholarly ebooks on JSTOR.  This resource offers more than 35,000 titles from leading publishers such as Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, MIT Press, and Harvard University Press. The ebooks are easy to use and offer the following benefits:

  • Unlimited, DRM-free Access: The ebook chapters have no limits on downloads or printing, and there’s no need to use special software or create a personalised login. It’s just like using journals on JSTOR, ensuring a great user experience for researchers
  • Integration with Journals: The ebooks are available on JSTOR alongside more than 2,000 journals. When you search on JSTOR.org, you’re cross-searching the full text of all the resources the library provides through JSTOR. The ebooks and journals are also linked in ways that make research more efficient.
  • Easy to Use in links: If you’d like to use the ebooks in a course or keep a record of important chapters or books for referencing, you can use the stable URL for a chapter or a full ebook.
  • On-campus and remote access: Content is available 24/7, and together with no limits on simultaneous use, the ebooks are always available for use.
  • Book and chapter citations:  Citations may be emailed, exported, or copied from the item view page. JSTOR provides pre-formatted citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles for quick copying and pasting. Export options include direct export to RefWorks, RIS format, and text format.

The Library is using a ‘try before you buy’ purchasing model for these books to make sure we get best value for money and so that you can use those books which are most relevant to your teaching, research or study.  So you will have access to all books in the JSTOR collection but the Library will only pay for those items that are used.

A small number of books may show as unavailable, either because we already have access to those or because they are costly items that need approval.  If you come across any of those and you want access, just email us on .

As we are using this model you won’t see these books on the library catalogue until they are purchased, following usage.  But don’t worry, these books are easily discoverable.  You’ll come across them when using search engines such as Google as the JSTOR content is indexed there.  And you can use the JSTOR platform to search/browse just the books, or to search the books alongside all the other JSTOR content for a rich research experience.

You can view a short video about using ebook chapters, or visit JSTOR to start using the ebooks.  If you are off campus make sure you login as University of Exeter so you have full access to content.

We’d be interested in your feedback on these books so please get in touch on  and let us know what you think of JSTOR books.

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