Library & Research Skills Training for 2016/17


learnTo help teaching staff who are pulling together modules for 2016/17, we have scoped out the Library Information & Research Skills Training on offer.

All Induction and Introductory training is now fully available online.  Please feel free to drop the links into your induction programmes and set aside time during your early teaching week programmes for students to follow the online material.

Specialist training, covering more in depth use of resources and advanced search skills,  will continue to be delivered face to face and/or through online support materials.  Please get in touch with us, on , if you would like to discuss or book any sessions.

We also continue to offer 1:1 research consultations for personalised support.

Full details of the teaching support on offer is outlined below.

Just get in touch with your Library Liaison Team if you need any further information or to discuss and book in training sessions for the coming academic year.

Library Information & Research Skills Training 2016/17

  Library Induction 

Online Self Study Package 

Audience:   All new students

Content:      An introduction to library facilities and resources.  Includes self- guided tour of
library and facilities and introduction to library catalogue and database searching.

Usage:          Recommended for induction week. If you wish to build library induction in to your introductory modules we suggest you allocate 1 hour for completion of online and tour in your teaching programme


  Building Library & Research Skills

Online Self Study Package 

 Audience:   All new students

Content:      A package of content to help students build their research skills and make the most use of UoE resources. Includes interactive demos, videos and tasks.

Usage:         Recommended during introductory period for undergraduate and postgraduate models. If you wish to build time for this in to your introductory modules we suggest you allocate 1 hour for exploration of the skills support material in your teaching programme.

Students should be advised to return to the module throughout their studies, and particularly during assessment and dissertation periods where additional support around literature searching, source evaluation etc. would be valuable.


PGR Researcher Development Skills

Online Self Study Package  

Audience:   PGRs

Content:      A range of online training packages tailored to postgraduate research use of library resources. Includes:

  • Getting Yourself Known
  • How to access Library electronic resources
  • Researching companies and organisations
  • Staying current
  • Copyright for Researchers

Comprehensive online guidance is also available on
open access and referencing and referencing software, including Endnote.

Usage:          Self paced learning for PGRs.


Specialist Library & Research Skills Training

Library facilitated face to face delivery
and / or online support materials

Audience:   All levels

Content:      As agreed.  Specialist training to suit needs of module.

`                    Previous examples include face to face training covering:

  • Law Dissertations & Research Papers: Planning and conducting legal research
  • Scientific literature searching for medical scientists
  • History MA: Advanced Search Skills for Effective Library Research

Previous examples of online support materials includes:

Usage           As required to suit module. The delivery can be through face to face teaching sessions or through the development of online support materials.

1 hour is recommended for a dissertation module covering search skills and demo of key databases.  Longer sessions can be scheduled, depending on needs of module.

These specialist sessions are not recommended for induction periods when they may lead to information overload. They are typically most effective around dissertation time or as students move into years 2 or 3 when more in depth engagement with online resources is required.

Available:   Contact   to agree content and lecture slots.   

1:1 Research Consultation

Face to face meetings in Library or Staff/PGR office, or via phone

 Audience:   All staff / students

Content:      Tailored to needs of individual. Opportunity for staff or students to meet with Liaison Librarian for help or advice on making the best use of library resources.

Undergraduates and taught postgraduates typically book appointments around assessment or dissertation periods.

Staff and PGRs typically book appointments on joining the University or when help is required to research a specific research problem

Usage:          As and when required

Available:   Individuals can book an appointment via

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