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Win £20!

It’s win win win with the Forum Library!

£20 MUST be won in the Library’s December Face Off fest!

Yes, you see it right: a £20 book token is being given away – only if you can answer the following ridiculously easy question by Friday 14th December:

Using the resource ISI Web of Science (available via the library catalogue and the Electronic Library) find a reference to a famous cartoon’s duck’s death notice!

For £20 What’s the TITLE, AUTHOR, and NAME of the publisher’s SQUARE in the reference?

Send us an email with your answer to along with your full name, by Friday 14th December. Please use your University of Exeter email address. All those who correctly answer the question will be entered into a draw for a £20 book token. The winner will be announced the following week. Quack, before it’s too late! Good luck!