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Defining Gender 1450-1910


If you are studying History, Literature, Sociology, Education  or Cultural Studies, you may be interested in the historical database Defining Gender, 1450-1910. Defining Gender is a collection of original source material from British and European archives, and it is accessible via our Electronic Library and the library catalogue.

The material includes essays, documents and biographies, and there is a useful chronology from 1406-1917.  The documents may be manuscripts, diaries, letters, printed works or illustrations.  They cover a wide range of topics from art, fashion, midwifery, poetry, novels and travel writing, and some conduct and advice literature.  Famous authors include Nicholas Culpeper, Daniel Defoe, Maria Edgeworth, John Locke, Samuel Richardson and Mary Wollstencraft as well as many other writers and illustrators who have contributed to the gender debate.  There are useful essays by researchers.  The images may be downloaded.

Current Awareness

Do you know how to keep up-to-date in your subject area? There are many different kinds of current awareness services available to alert you to the information which is likely to be relevant to you. Choose JournalTocs or ZETOC (the  Electronic Table of Contents from the British Library). Register with one of these services, and the latest articles or journal titles related to your interests will be sent to your e-mail.  It will save you a lot of time!

You can also register with some databases for weekly alerts, and some of the services enable you to save searches to be run again later. They allow you to set up email or RSS alerts for your saved searches; whenever the database is updated, you will be notified  automatically of any new search results produced by your saved searches.

There is more information on the electronic library; opt for Current Awareness services under Resources, or look on ELE under the Library and Research Skills , where there is a section on  Current Awareness with tips and tutorials.

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I want one of these

Do you know about IWOOT? If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate, you can request an item if it is not available in the library.  Just complete an online form and we will forward it to your College/Department as a recommended purchase. For more information, see:    I want one of these  in the section Enhancing Library Collections  on the library webpage.