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Encore Catalogue System Upgrade

On the night of Monday 22nd August from 10.00pm until 1.00am we will be doing some maintenance on the Encore catalogue –   this is where we direct you to search for full text journal articles currently.

It should not affect use of the main catalogue or your ability to access online e-resources in any way.

You can search for journal titles on the main catalogue as normal and access all our databses via the A-Z and subject searched.

If you do have any issues rememeber you can contact us by e-mail at

Access issues to e-resources

We apologise but there is a problem with access to some e-resources, our IT team is currently working to fix it.

While this issue is ongoing you may be able to get around the problem by the following methods.


Find the resource via a web search and look for an option to login via the site.  This will usually be signed as something like ‘login via your institution’, ‘Shibboleth’ or ‘UK Federation’.  Then select ‘University of Exeter’ and login normally.


Find the resource via the Library site.  If the link gives a ‘too many redirects’ or ‘502 bad gateway’ error then amend as follows.

Have a look at the link you are trying to access: if it has the bits in red and bold

Then remove these from the link so it looks like this  –

Once you have done this, go to the site and login as in option 1.


Have a look at the link you are trying to access: if it has the bits in red and bold

Then remove these from the link so it looks like this  –

and it should work.

If you are off campus and having problems with this method, you need to go via the VPN and also remove the parts from the link as above.

If you need help please get in touch with us at: Email:


+44 (0) 1392 723867

 Access issues to e-resources

We apologise but there is a problem with access to some e-resources, our IT team is currently working to fix it.

You should still be able to access resources on campus but if you are off campus and having problems, try going via the VPN.

In either case you will need to remove the following red highlighted information out of the URL each time it appears:

(so it looks like

Library Systems Upgrade – Tuesday 5th July 3pm

An upgrade to the library system is scheduled for Tuesday 5th July – Wednesday 6th July.

This will require us to shut down the system from 3pm on the Tuesday and it will not return until around 12.00 pm on the Wednesday.

You will be able to visit the library as normal and all our spaces will be open, you will also be able to borrow and return our physical collection during this time.

However access to our main online collection via the catalogue will not be available.  You will also be unable to renew items, pay fines or place ILLs online and we apologise for this inconvenience.

For access to electronic resources during this period, please use a search engine such as Google to find the resource.

If you do this on campus your computer network IP address should automatically recognise and authenticate you as a University of Exeter user and provide access to the relevant resource.

If you are off campus, you will need to identify yourself as a member of the University.  In most cases, simply enter your university computer username and password when requested.

  • When looking for the login link in a resource, the wording can vary from resource to resource – it could just be Login, or it might be something like Institutional login,Shibboleth login, UK Federation login, UK Access Management Federation login– or maybe some other variation

Here is a file of our major e-resources, some may need the VPN installed to work off campus.

Major E-resource links

If you need help during this time please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone:  +44 (0) 1392 723867

Giraffe House

Please be aware that Giraffe House on the St Luke’s campus will be closed whilst it is undergoing building work from 13th June until 31st August.

This means the study space there will be unavailable during this period.Library News 8

Library System Upgrade

Please be aware that the Library will be upgrading its systems during the start of the week of the 13th June which will mean limited availability to some of our services during this period.

All our spaces will be open and our physical stock will be available to borrow and return throughout this time.

Access to our online resources will not be interrupted.

From the afternoon of Monday 13th  June–   Thursday 16th June our catalogue will not be available via our normal route however our Encore Catalogue will be working for access to find materials  –

You will also be unable to place reservations or pay fines online during this time.

But remember our staff will be available to help with any issues or problems.   Contact us via:

Phone:  +44 (0) 1392 723867

Resource (Reading) Lists on Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) Module Pages

Academic Staff – did you know that your resource (reading) list can be fully interactive, linking to the full text wherever possible via your module in ELE?

image for publicityLet us remove the burden of administration: all we need from you is your reading list as a word or pdf document as early as possible before term starts. We’ll build the list in your chosen layout, scan key chapters, order any out of stock items and make it available via ELE.

If you have sent us a reading list in the past, you’ll need to let us know if you still want it active so we can check and update any electronic links.

For more information see the short films available on the Library and Resource Skills page on ELE.

For further information or to send us a list email: or if you are based at Cornwall: .

Study Space in the Library

Are you gearing up for the exam season? So are we!

We know that study space provision is hugely important during the revision and exam period, so here’s a brief to guide to the study spaces that are available for you over the next month or so in the Library.

Streatham Campus

Forum Library:
24/7 availability as usual (swipe access after 20.00 on week days, 18.00 at the weekend)

Seminar Room access via the Library. The Forum Seminar Rooms on levels 0 and +1 will become part of the Library, further expanding the study spaces that are available to you 24/7. Remember to enter and exit these rooms via the Library (through the doors by the computer clusters) not via the Forum.

The other study seats are all available as usual – find out more here

Amory Study Centre:
Opening hours extended to 24/7 (swipe access)

The Loft:
Open: 08:00 – 21:30, Mon – Sun

Research Commons:
Open 08.00 – 20.00 week days, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend

The Sanctuary:
Will be in use for exams during this period and is therefore not available as a study space

St Luke’s Campus

St Luke’s Library:
Open 08.00 – 20.00 week days, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend

24/7 Study Space available in the Luke’s Library computer room and 24/7 room.

Giraffe House:
Open daily 08.00 – 21.30

Other Study Spaces

Don’t forget study seats are also available in the Student Services Centre, Forum Street Balcony, Forum Expo Labs and in many other buildings across our campuses.

You can check availability in advance using the Study Space Checker

Study smart:

Follow these tips to help you and fellow students get the most out of our study spaces:

1]    Only use one seat when working; leave enough room for someone else to sit and work

2]    It is OK to take a break for about an hour (60 minutes) if you are working in the library for a long time; but always return promptly within one hour. leave one of our cards so others know you are coming back.

3]    Remember the Library is a public space! Always take valuables with you or lock them safely in a Forum Locker.

Updated Journal Article Search

So we’ve updated and simplified our Journal article search available from our catalogue and the Library front page.

From the Library website

You can now enter a keyword, subject, author or other search into the simple search box and it will return full text items for you to access.

Note there are five searches you can do within this service once you go into the search.  You will need to click on each search at the top left of the page to get different resource results depending on the type of materials you want.
encore menu
1] Up to date journal articles across all subjects

2] Older journal articles across all subjects

3] Humanities and Social Sciences results

4] Business, Management and Law results

5] Theses

Hopefully this will start you on the road to doing the research for your essay or project.

New Study Spaces Coming to the Forum Library

Coming soon!#2
Over the next few months we will be working to put in more study spaces in the Forum Library.

A total of 104 new spaces will go in which will include converting the current staff office into a study room with some bookable group study rooms and also creating some railway style study carrels alongside the Seal Courtyard Garden.

Work on this will begin in August 2015 and go on into the New Year.

Plans below should explain what we are trying to acheive over the coming months.

Level -1 General Plan Model (1
An aeriel plan of the new study areas above and a 3D plan of the room below.1104 SK03 3D Aerial View - Main Study Space LGF 2

study space2 - law - resizedA  plan of the new railway style study carrels above and an artists impression below.1104 SK01 3D Artist Impression90 2