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Exam study space: extra seating, extended opening

With exams looming we know that study space is a priority. This is why you’ll see a number of changes in January intended to give you more options for when and where you study in Library spaces. Check out the full list below:

1) . More study seats in the Forum Library.

From 2nd – 10th January 2015 the Seminar wings on levels 0 and +1 of the Forum will become part of the Library. This means you can enter and exit these spaces through the Library (via the doors next to the computer cluster) rather than from the Forum side. The rooms can be used for quiet study, increasing our available seating t0 1044 seats! And don’t forget the Forum Library  is always open 24/7 to support your study needs whatever time of day or night you choose to do your revision.20141216_143102

2). More seats in Express Collections.

We’ve added extra desks and study seats in the popular Express Collections area, increasing our study space even further in time for the revision period. These desks are available now.

3). The Loft goes 24/7!

The Loft in Devonshire House has been open since October. Have you studied there yet? From 2nd  – 10th January we’re extending the opening ours of this space to make it available 24/7! Just 2 minutes walk from the Forum Library it’s a great place to go to study – any time!

4). The Amory Study Centre goes 24/7!

From 5th – 10th January we’re also extending the opening hours of the ever popular Amory Study Centre, so this too will available 24/7! Located in the Amory Building, just 4 minutes from the Forum Library, the Centre offers a great mix of quiet study space and bookable group work rooms.


Why not check out our website for full details of all the study spaces available across campus? You can also use the space checker to check in advance how many desks are free in each area.

And don’t forget always leave one of our Taking a Break cards on the desk if you will be gone for less than one hour. If you are going to be gone for more than 1 hour please clear your things and allow someone else to use the seat.


Good luck in your exams!



Let us know when you take a break

We know that the Forum Library can get very busy during peak times of day, especially as deadlines or exams approach. You’ve told us that it causes problems when other Library users take up more than one space or “save seats” by leaving their belongings and then going away.

In response, we worked closely with the Student’s Guild Representatives and with individual students to come up with guidelines for using study seats in our Library spaces.

Watch out for cards like this around the Library:

Dec 2014 Card jpeg front

What to do:

When taking a break of up to one hour: please always leave a card, fill in the time you left and be sure to return within 60 minutes.

If you will be gone longer than an hour: please clear your desk so that others can use the space.

Remember the Library is a public space! Never leave valuable items unattended; always take them with you or lock them in a Forum Locker

Each card can be reused up to 20 times.

Dec 2014 Card jpeg back

This is a student led scheme 

We hope you will continue working with us to make the “Taking a Break” scheme a success.

If would like to share your thoughts on the scheme then please send us an email or  fill in one of the comments cards you’ll find around the Library.

Bookable study desks for research postgraduates

Calling all postgraduate research students!

Looking for quiet spaces to work on Streatham campus? Did you know that you can now pre-book a lovely large study desk and an associated locker in which to store your belongings?

The desks are located in the main reading room of Research Commons, a designated silent study space where you can really concentrate on your research.  Research Commons is housed in the Old Library building on the Streatham campus near the University Chapel and just a short walk from The Forum.

What you need to know:

PGRs can book desks like this one in the Research Commons Reading Room

  • Who? The desks are available to postgraduate research students from all colleges.
  • When? They are available for use during the library’s opening hours (currently 08.00 – 20.00 on weekdays and 10.00 – 18.00 on Saturdays and Sundays, further information here)
  • How long? Desks can be booked for 1 day or for up to 5 consecutive days.
  • What to do? When you arrive collect your locker key from the Research Commons Reception Desk by 10.00 (weekdays) or 11.00 (weekends). If you are going to be arriving later than these times, please confirm that you still need the desk by contacting Research Commons on the day.
  • Anything else? If you need more information about this scheme please contact staff at Research Commons who will be happy to assist. You can call us on  01392 724052 (internal: 4052) or email . A webpage supporting the use of these desks is also available here.

More about Research Commons

Although a particular haven for postgraduates, Research Commons is open to all and is well worth a visit. As well the silent reading room the Library contains a multi-media seminar room,  a café-style break out space with vending facilities and an outdoor terrace area.

The Research Commons houses our Special Collections, the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, the Arab World Documentation Unit, Official Publications and print copies of Science Journals. It also contains older and other less used research items. Why not take a look at our floor plans or just stop by for a visit?

Study space provision over the holiday period

Many of you may be leaving Exeter for the Christmas vacation; if you are then we hope you have fantastic festive season and a relaxing break! But here in the Library we also understand that some deadlines loom large in January and so we’re here to support those of you who are planning to stay and study during the festive period.

Facilities in the Forum Library are available 24/7 via swipe access throughout the whole vacation

The good news is that the Forum Library is open 24/7 for swipe card access throughout the break providing a warm, safe and bright environment for any Exeter university students or staff requiring study space or access to our resources. However during this time there will be some changes to the availability of other study areas that you may be used to using so please take note of the following information and plan your study schedules accordingly: 

Study space


Forum Library 24/7 Swipe access for registered university members available throughout the vacation. For access for external users and Library staff working hours see our website
St Luke’s Campus Library PC cluster and 24/7 room 24/7 swipe access for registered university members available throughout the vacation.
St Luke’s Campus Library Open daily except 25th& 26th of December and 1st January. See our website for full times.
Research Commons Open until 17.30 on December 24th then closed until 09.00 on 2nd January 2014.
Amory Study centre Open for study until 16.00 on 24th December then closed until 08.00 on 2nd January.
The Sanctuary Open for study until 24th December. Closed 24th December- 2nd January then in use for exams.


Behaviour in Library Spaces


Help us make your Libraries great places to study by respecting our rules and, above all, respecting the needs of other Library users!

We understand that your study needs will differ throughout the peaks and troughs of the academic year: sometimes you need to work as a group, other times to get your head down and really focus in silence. We offer spaces to accommodate both these and other study needs. Here’s a guide to help you find the right study space for your needs and to ensure you are using it appropriately.

What do you need?

“Help! I’ve got a deadline! I need somewhere I can really sit and concentrate!”

One of the Forum Library Silent Study rooms: all drinks should have lids

Where to go:

Try one of our Silent Study spaces!

There are dedicated silent study rooms on all 3 floors of the Forum Library, in Research Commons  the  Main Reading Room and levels -1 and -2 are for silent study, while at St Luke’s Library  the top floor study room is devoted to silent working.

Make Silent Study work for you and for others:

  • No conversation: we expect silent spaces to be just that!
  • No sound from headphones: it’s fine to wear headphones but ensure your music is at a low enough volume that no sound escapes to disturb others
  • All drinks must have lids
  • Set mobile phones to silent or vibrate and if you need to answer your phone please leave the room to do so.
  • Cold, unobtrusive  food only (nothing hot, odorous or noisy to eat/unwrap). We understand that everyone needs a snack from time to time but eating food in silent areas must not disturb others so why not have a break and take food to a breakout space instead?

Library staff regularly patrol silent areas to ensure these rules are being respected but if you are being disturbed by noise in a silent study area then do let us know as soon as possible so that we can deal with the problem. We’re in the process of setting up a text alert service for noise problems. This will go live in time for the revision period: watch this space for further details!

What do you need?

“We need somewhere we can work together or our presentation skills”

Where to go:

Group work room in the Amory Study Centre, you can book these online

Try one of our designated Group Study spaces

Drop in group spaces are available on all 3 floors of the Forum Library, while St Luke’s Library offers group rooms on the first floor and pods on the gallery st floor at  pods on the gallery.

If you’d prefer to book your group space in advance there are a number of rooms available through the student room bookings system, including Amory Study Centre rooms 003A – 003E,  Forum Student Services Centre Interview Rooms (bookable 5pm – 8pm Monday to Friday; and 10am – 3pm Saturday) and St Luke’s Student Presentation Room and group work room.

Make Group Study work for you and for others:

  • Practise group work and presentations
  • Conversation is allowed but please ensure behaviour and olume is reasonable for a study environment
  • All drinks must have lids
  • Cold food only and please remove any rubbish
  • Remember to adjust your volume and do not disturb others when moving between different areas
  • No alcohol is allowed in library spaces

If you need help using the Student Group Work areas, or would like guidance on how to book these spaces online please ask Library staff.

What do you need?

Breakout area in Research Commons

“We just want to chat and compare lecture notes over a cup of coffee”

For a less formal learning environment try one of our Breakout Spaces

These include: Forum Library Lounge and Balcony, Research Commons Breakout Space or St Luke’s Library first floor kitchen area.


Make the Breakout Spaces work for you and for others:

  • Ideal for informal social learning or taking a break
  • Comfortable seating in more relaxed arrangements
  • Food and drink  are permitted here with vending facilities available but please clean up after yourselves
  • Recycle all your rubbish using the bins provided
  • Respect the space and ensure behaviour remains appropriate
  • The consumption of Alcohol is not permitted

It’s healthy to take a break! Breakout spaces are for you to enjoy; help control noise in quieter areas by bringing your food and casual conversations here.




What about the rest of the Library?

Library computer clusters are intended for quiet learning


Any Library space not specifically  designated as Silent, Group or Breakout is for Quiet study.

This means that the Library is intended to be  quiet environment: hushed conversations, asking for help, finding what you need on the shelves, using printers, all of these create studious buzz, so some noise is inevitable but respect the needs of other students, control your volume and take group work or casual chats to more appropriate spaces.

Make Quiet Spaces work for you and for others:

  • Keep conversations to a minimum
  • Keep noise from your computer or mobile device to a minimum and always wear headphones if you are viewing a film or lecture online
  • All drinks must have lids and no alcohol please
  • Cold food only and please remove any rubbish to the landfill and recycle bins provided
If you are being disturbed by unreasonable noise in any of our library spaces please do let Library staff know as soon as possible – we’re proud of our spaces and keen to help make sure  they’re being used appropriately so that everyone can get the best out of them!

Full details of our library behaviour policy can be found online here. Do please have a look and abide by these simple rules which exist to ensure respect for all library spaces and fellow library users. If you have any questions or comments please do , we’d love to hear from you!

The Sanctuary closing early on 9th October

Do you like to work in The Sanctuary?

A view of The Sanctuary

Centrally located just underneath the Great Hall, this colourful, inspiring study space is regularly open 08.00 – 20.00, 7 days a week. However please be aware that on Wednesday 9th October The Sanctuary will be closing at 19.30, half an hour earlier than usual so the space can be decorated in preparation for the Fresher’s Ball.

If you need to study later that evening why not move to The Amory Study Centre (open daily until 21.30), or The Forum Library (open 24/7 with swipe card access for current Exeter students and staff).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our Library Study Spaces please do : good or bad, your feedback matters to us, and really has an impact on the changes we make and the services we provide.


Amory Study Centre – extended opening hours!

During the January exam period the Library arranged extended opening hours for the Amory Study Centre. You told us this was an extremely welcome move, so we listened and we’ve done it again…

We are pleased to announce that this popular study space will be staying open later during the Summer exam period.

From Sunday 21st April – Sunday 2nd June the Amory Study Centre will be open daily from 8am to the new later time of midnight!

Please note this space is swipe access only so please always bring your University card with you.

Quiet room in the Amory Study Centre

If you are planning to study late at night do keep safety in mind when you leave our Libraries or study spaces. Why not check out our revision tips blog post for more ideas on working smart and looking after yourself during the revision period.

The Sanctuary: Availability in April/May 2013

Please note there will be some restrictions on the availability of The Sanctuary as a quiet study space during the coming months. The Sanctuary  is also sometimes used for external events as well as being a key venue where exams take place, so if you are planning to come and study in this space please take into account the following:

Students working in the Sanctuary


  • Friday 12th – Wednesday 17th April (inclusive): the Sanctuary is closed
  • Thursday 18th April: The Sanctuary reopens and is available as a quiet study space
  • Wednesday 1st May: the Sanctuary is closed for study and will be used as an examination space


If you’d been hoping to work in the Sanctuary during the exam period, don’t worry because the Library has worked hard to ensure there are lots of other, additional study spaces available for you during the revision period including the Forum Seminar Rooms which become part of the Library and accessible 24/7 from Sunday 28th April.

More information on quiet study spaces during the forthcoming exam period, as well as our revision tips, will be published here on Sunday.

Bookable Spaces 1: Group Study Rooms

In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the different bookable spaces that are available for you on Streatham Campus and at St Luke’s as well as explaining how you can  book them.

Planning some group revision in the run up to exams?

  • There are 14 student group work rooms available to book online using the Request a Room web page and choosing the Student Group Work Areas option.

Group Study Room in the Amory Study Centre

These comprise:

  • 13 rooms on Streatham Campus
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 01
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 02
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 03
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 04
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 05
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 06
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 07
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 08
    • Amory 003 E
    • Amory 003 A
    • Amory 003 B
    • Amory 003 C
    • Amory 003 D
  • 1 room on St Luke’s Campus
    • St Luke’s (Haighton Building) Library Student Presentation Room (student use only)

This really is the main information that you need and, if you forget the link, simply type, “Request a Room” in the main University Search box.

  • To help you retain this information, we suggest booking a room for yourself (and then cancel if not needed).  If you try this you are way more likely to remember the process.

Now, if you want more detail, the real in and outs of the way the system works, there is additional information online and also FAQs, you can find them online

Or just read it all right here in our blog …

Student Group Work Areas (additional information)

Student Presentation Room at St Luke’s

Amory Study Centre

  • Accessed via the main Amory building reception and are located within the Amory Study Centre.
  • 4 x rooms that seat up to 8, screens and laptop connectors available.
  • 1 x room that seat up to 6, desktop PC and additional video recording facilities.
  • Open 8AM-9:30 PM 7 days per week, Monday-Sunday.
  • 1 hours allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.

Forum Student Services Centre (SSC) Interview Rooms

  • Accessed via the Student Services Centre in the Forum – Ground Floor.
  • 7 x rooms that seat up to 3 people.
  • 1 x room that seats 8 people.
  • Bring your own laptop or use a loan lap (available from the IT Helpdesk).
  • Open 5pm – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday.
  • 1 hr allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.


(taken from the Timetabling Team’s web pages ):

What is the purpose of these rooms?

To help facilitate group working and studying, related to your academic studies. 


I can’t book more than a few weeks ahead.

Rooms have been made available on a rolling basis, which allows fair access for all students.


 I have tried to book a session but it was declined, why is this?

There is an allowance in place of 1 hour per week, per student. This can be split into two 30 minute sessions if you wish.


 I need some quiet space; can I book the room out for myself?

This space had been designed for group work predominantly; please see the library website for quiet study space information.

How do I feedback about these rooms?
Please report equipment faults to the Exeter IT Help Desk ( or telephone 3934).  General feedback can be sent via the Student Information Desk using



Temporary Additional Seating

We know it’s very busy in the Forum Library at the moment, that’s why we’ve added some temporary additional seating in the Balcony space on Level +1.

So please keep this area in mind if you’re looking for study space over the next few days.

If you’re still struggling to find a seat please ask Library staff for help, or why not try one of our other Library Study Spaces such as Research Commons, The Sanctuary, The Amory Study Centre or St Luke’s Library?