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Want to become employable?

If you have just finished your exams you may have started looking for or applying for jobs. While the Career Zone should be your first port of call, it is worth remembering that the library can help too.

When you start applying for jobs in business it is important to find out as much as you can, then if you are lucky enough to get an interview you will know what sort of questions you may be asked and what you could ask them. The Electronic Library has a number of databases which can give you news and updates, as well as detailed company information. Have a look at the guide to Researching companies to find out more.  

If you want advice on subjects like writing a CV or preparing for interviews have a look at BookBoon’s free site on Careers.  As well as short blogs with practical advice this site also includes short books, which can be downloaded free – you just need to register with your name and email.

Don’t forget to use the help provided by employability offices in your Colleges, like Social Sciences and International Studies and the Business School.