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Revision spaces and tips

The Summer term is nearly upon us which does, inevitably, mean revision. Good luck to all of you who are taking exams in the coming weeks. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of Library spaces and resources and – most importantly – looking after yourselves during this stressful time.

Quiet Spaces where you can study

The Main Reading Room in Research Commons is a haven for focused quiet study

We understand the importance finding a quiet space to study on campus, which is why :

  • The overall number of study spaces in the Forum Library has been permanently increased as of April 2013
  • Forum Seminar Rooms on Levels 0 and +1 will become drop in study rooms accessible through the Library from Sunday 28th April – Sunday 2nd June (inclusive)
  • Forum Library group work rooms will become quieter revision spaces for the duration of the exam period
  • Year round designated silent study rooms are available on all 3 floors of the Forum Library, as well as in Research Commons, St Luke’s Library and in the Amory Study Centre.
  • The availability of the Interview Rooms in the Student Services Centre is  extended during the exam period with  Rooms 3, 4, 5 and 7 available as drop-in study spaces from 8am – 9pm, Monday – Friday, and additional rooms (1 – 8) available on a drop-in basis 5pm – 9pm on weekdays and 10am – 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Studying late? Work smart and stay safe!

Quiet Study Room in the Forum Library Learning Hub (Level -1)

If you plan on studying long into the night then you can do so safely:

  • The Forum Library is open 24/7 (swipe access after 9pm on week days and 6pm at the weekend)
  • St Luke’s Library has a swipe-accessible 24/7 study room on the 1st floor
  • Amory Study Centre (currently open until 9.30PM daily) will stay open until Midnight during exam time (Sunday 21st April – Sunday 2nd June).

But if you are staying late then do look after yourselves. Please take note of the following tips:

  • You’ll retain more information if you take regular short breaks between your revision sessions
  • Don’t forget to eat and drink: vending machines are available in all our Libraries
  • Even in a heated environment you can get cold if you are sitting still for long periods: free blankets are available from the Library reception desk, just ask if you’d like one.
  • Consider your safety if you need to leave the Library during the night: always walk home with a friend if possible, or if not call a taxi. Try to make sure one of your friends or housemates knows where you are and what time you are heading home.
  • The Library is a public space, never leave valuables unattended. Storage lockers and laptop charging lockers are available in the Forum (you can borrow keys through Express Collections); please store your belongings safely in these while you take a break.

 Study skills and managing stress

It’s normal to feel nervous when facing an exam, and a certain amount of anxiety can inspire you to a better performance, but it’s important not to let anxiety overcome you. The University Wellbeing Team offer some useful tips on their webpages for how to keep calm and manage stress during exams that may be useful.

Here in the Library we also have a number of resources available to help you prepare for your exams. Why not consult one of the following titles, just a selection from the many we have available:



The Exam Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell

Find it in the Forum Library or St Luke’s Library at classmark 371.26 COT




Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University by Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield

Find it in the Forum Library Reference Section at 029.6 BUR or loanable copies at St Luke’s Library classmark  378.170281 BUR 





The Student’s Guide to Exam Success by Eileen Tracy

Find it in the Forum Library or St Luke’s Library at Classmark: 378.17028 TRA 






Passing exams without anxiety : how to get organised, be prepared and feel confident of success by David Acres

Find it in the Forum Library Reference Section at 026.6 ACR or at St Luke’s Library Classmark  371.30281 ACR 

The Sanctuary: Availability in April/May 2013

Please note there will be some restrictions on the availability of The Sanctuary as a quiet study space during the coming months. The Sanctuary  is also sometimes used for external events as well as being a key venue where exams take place, so if you are planning to come and study in this space please take into account the following:

Students working in the Sanctuary


  • Friday 12th – Wednesday 17th April (inclusive): the Sanctuary is closed
  • Thursday 18th April: The Sanctuary reopens and is available as a quiet study space
  • Wednesday 1st May: the Sanctuary is closed for study and will be used as an examination space


If you’d been hoping to work in the Sanctuary during the exam period, don’t worry because the Library has worked hard to ensure there are lots of other, additional study spaces available for you during the revision period including the Forum Seminar Rooms which become part of the Library and accessible 24/7 from Sunday 28th April.

More information on quiet study spaces during the forthcoming exam period, as well as our revision tips, will be published here on Sunday.

Bookable Spaces 1: Group Study Rooms

In the coming weeks we will be showcasing the different bookable spaces that are available for you on Streatham Campus and at St Luke’s as well as explaining how you can  book them.

Planning some group revision in the run up to exams?

  • There are 14 student group work rooms available to book online using the Request a Room web page and choosing the Student Group Work Areas option.

Group Study Room in the Amory Study Centre

These comprise:

  • 13 rooms on Streatham Campus
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 01
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 02
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 03
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 04
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 05
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 06
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 07
    • Forum SSC Interview Room 08
    • Amory 003 E
    • Amory 003 A
    • Amory 003 B
    • Amory 003 C
    • Amory 003 D
  • 1 room on St Luke’s Campus
    • St Luke’s (Haighton Building) Library Student Presentation Room (student use only)

This really is the main information that you need and, if you forget the link, simply type, “Request a Room” in the main University Search box.

  • To help you retain this information, we suggest booking a room for yourself (and then cancel if not needed).  If you try this you are way more likely to remember the process.

Now, if you want more detail, the real in and outs of the way the system works, there is additional information online and also FAQs, you can find them online

Or just read it all right here in our blog …

Student Group Work Areas (additional information)

Student Presentation Room at St Luke’s

Amory Study Centre

  • Accessed via the main Amory building reception and are located within the Amory Study Centre.
  • 4 x rooms that seat up to 8, screens and laptop connectors available.
  • 1 x room that seat up to 6, desktop PC and additional video recording facilities.
  • Open 8AM-9:30 PM 7 days per week, Monday-Sunday.
  • 1 hours allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.

Forum Student Services Centre (SSC) Interview Rooms

  • Accessed via the Student Services Centre in the Forum – Ground Floor.
  • 7 x rooms that seat up to 3 people.
  • 1 x room that seats 8 people.
  • Bring your own laptop or use a loan lap (available from the IT Helpdesk).
  • Open 5pm – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday.
  • 1 hr allowance per week, per student.
  • Rooms available on a rolling 28-day basis.


(taken from the Timetabling Team’s web pages ):

What is the purpose of these rooms?

To help facilitate group working and studying, related to your academic studies. 


I can’t book more than a few weeks ahead.

Rooms have been made available on a rolling basis, which allows fair access for all students.


 I have tried to book a session but it was declined, why is this?

There is an allowance in place of 1 hour per week, per student. This can be split into two 30 minute sessions if you wish.


 I need some quiet space; can I book the room out for myself?

This space had been designed for group work predominantly; please see the library website for quiet study space information.

How do I feedback about these rooms?
Please report equipment faults to the Exeter IT Help Desk ( or telephone 3934).  General feedback can be sent via the Student Information Desk using



Expected noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February

Advance notice of likely noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. Exeter University will be joining in the New Year Celebrations with events on campus on Saturday 16th February, including music and speeches in the Forum between 3pm and 6pm.

The  Forum Library will be open as normal throughout this time but we are expecting it to be noisier than usual during this event, so please keep this in mind when you are planning your study time for this coming weekend. Library staff will be on hand and happy to direct you to areas of the Library that are least affected by noise, or why not try one of our other great study spaces on campus instead?

Research Commons is open 10.00 – 18. 00 on Saturdays and Sundays and includes a large 64 seat  silent Reading Room on the entrance floor, plus individual study seats around the stock on levels -1 and -2 of the building.

A large quiet study room is also available in The Amory Study Centre open daily 8.00 – 21.30

These spaces should be the quietest locations during the Chinese New Year festivities.

For more information on Library study spaces why not check out our website?


The 24/7 Library

You may be planning some late night revision sessions in preparation for this month’s exams. Here’s a guide to which study spaces are available late:

Study Spaces available 24/7:

The Forum Library: during exam time the Library takes control of the two seminar wings on Level 0 and Level =1 (otherwise part of the Forum) expanding the total available study spaces to 1000+ seats. Library staff are available to help in the Forum Library from 08.00 – 21.00 on weekdays and 10.00 – 18.00. There are a few services that are restricted to staffed hours such as collecting theses or inter-library loans but the building and all the Forum library study spaces are available 24/7 and most stock can be self-issued and returned  at any time.

24/7 Space and PC Cluster at St Luke’s Library: The Library itself is open 08.30 – 21.00 on weekdays, 10.00 – 18.00 Saturdays and 14.00 – 18.00 on Sundays but St Luke’s also has a swipe-access PC Cluster and study room (50+ seats) that are accessible 24 hours a day throughout the whole year.

Available until late:

Amory Study Centre: the opening hours of the Amory Study Centre have been extended for the duration of the exam period and this popular, swipe-accessible space is currently open until midnight 7 days a week!

Quiet Study area in the Amory Study Centre

Look after yourself!

Everyone’s revision schedule is different and, here in the Library, we want to make sure that study spaces are available for you whatever time of day or night you need them. But if you are planning on studying late into the night then make sure you take care of yourself.

5 Simple revision tips:

  1. Look after your diet and remember to drink water regularly
  2. Take some exercise – it helps relieve the stress
  3. Get some sleep!
  4. Take regular breaks – you’ll think better if you have a bit of time away
  5. Check your notes; make sure your revision plan is matched to the course objective
Safety First!

Try to avoid walking home alone;  if you  leave the Library in the middle of the night always try to walk with a friend or perhaps call a taxi.


Did you know free blankets are available for you to use in the Library? Just ask at the reception desk.

Good luck in your exams!

Explore St Luke’s Competition… win a £25 Waitrose voucher!

Would you like to win a £25 Waitrose voucher? Why not take part in our Explore St Luke’s Library photo competition?

Each of these seven mystery views can be spotted in St Luke’s Campus Library. To win you will need to match each photo number to one of the seven book titles listed below. Each book can be found in the Library near by to one of the views.  Send an email to correctly matching the books to the photos (e.g. 1A, 2B etc) and you could win a £25 voucher to spend in Waitrose (conveniently located just across the road from St Luke’s Campus).

Mystery views:

List of books to match:


Please email your answers along to . Hint: the Library catalogue should help you find out more about the books but you’ll need to visit the St Luke’s Library to identify the photos.

A.  English Place-Names Explained by Charles Whynne-Hammond (2005).

B.  Motor learning and performance: from principles to practice by Richard A Schmidt (1991)

C.  Children Learning English by Jayne Moon (2000).

D.   The Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban (1969)

E.   The Essence of Aikido: Spiritual Teachings of Morihei Ueshiba (1999)

F.    Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics by Department for Education and Skills (Express Collections copy, 2007)

G. Web Wisdom: How to Evaluate and Create Information Quality on the Web by Janet E. Alexander (1999)

Hint: the Library catalogue should help you find out more about the books but you’ll need to visit the St Luke’s Library to identify the photos.

St Luke’s Campus is located on Heavitree Road, just a short walk from the City Centre (directions here), or why not catch a D bus direct from Streatham Campus?

As well as these intriguing views St Luke’s Library offers:

  • 180 study spaces
  • Computer cluster accessible 24/7
  • 24/7 study room
  • Bookable group work spaces
  • Drop-in group pods
  • Silent study room
  • Kitchen style breakout space
  • Beautiful views across the quad and city
  • Wide range of books and journals available to borrow with specialisms in Education and Sports Sciences.
  •  School Based work collection containing many classics of Children’s Literature.

So why not visit and explore St Luke’s Library soon? The photo competition is running until 30th January 2013 and you can also find the photographs and book list over on our Facebook page – good luck and happy exploring!

Temporary Additional Seating

We know it’s very busy in the Forum Library at the moment, that’s why we’ve added some temporary additional seating in the Balcony space on Level +1.

So please keep this area in mind if you’re looking for study space over the next few days.

If you’re still struggling to find a seat please ask Library staff for help, or why not try one of our other Library Study Spaces such as Research Commons, The Sanctuary, The Amory Study Centre or St Luke’s Library?

Library Study Spaces: where to go and how to make the most of them

As the end of term approaches many people are thinking not only about Christmas but also about  assignment deadlines and revision topics. We anticipate a busy few weeks in the Library, and our staff are available seven days a week to help you make the most of the resources and the study spaces we have to offer. But are you aware of the full range of study spaces we have available? Here’s a brief guide to help you find the best spaces for your learning needs, and how to make the most of them…

Group Spaces

Sometimes you do need to discuss your work. That’s why we offer designated group spaces so that you can share ideas and practice presentations without disturbing those who need a quieter study environment. Drop-in group areas (available on a first-come, first served basis) can be found in the following places:

But if you want to guarantee a space for your group, why not book in advance a slot in one of these locations:

  • Amory Study Centre: Group Work Rooms 003 A – E can be booked online via the central room bookings pages (select ‘Student Group Work Areas’ option)
  • St Luke’s Campus Library: the Student Presentation Room features projection equipment and is a great place to practice presentations. It can also be booked online via online via the central room bookings pages (select ‘Student Group Work Areas’ option)
  • Forum Library Vale Room Tables. The group work room on Level 0 contains two tables with a large screen monitor attached. Another good option for practising presentations, these can be booked in advance for up to 3 hours at a time by emailing
  • St Luke’s Library Consultation Rooms 1 & 2. Suitable for smaller groups. Room 1 contains a PC, while Room 2 is a good venue for round table discussions. A week or more in advance you can book these by emailing . Less than a week ahead, just sign up on the door!


 Quiet Study

If you’d rather find some silent space to concentrate on your own work, we have a number of options available:

  • A large quiet reading on the entrance floor of  Research Commons – just a few minutes walk from the Forum this a space much beloved by those seeking silent study, why not visit and try it for yourself?
  • The Sanctuary: located just beneath the Great Hall this 180 seat space boasts a colourful decor but a quiet, focused study atmosphere.
  • The far end room in the Amory Study Centre contains PCs and individual desks and is designated purely for quiet study

All of the above destinations use ‘listening ear’ technology to monitor noise and ensure that disturbance is kept to a minimum.

The entrance to The Sanctuary, open 8-8, 7 days a week!

Quiet study spaces are also available at:

  • Forum Library: designated quiet rooms on each floor and in the Learning Hub on level -1.
  • St Luke’s Campus Library: silent space available in the top floor reading room.

Roving Library staff across all locations do our best to make sure noise is kept to a minimum in quiet spaces, but if you are being disturbed by other individuals please don’t suffer in silence – let us know, we’re here to help!


Something more relaxed?

If you need a break or you’re looking for a slightly less formal learning environment – perhaps to swap lecture notes over a coffee – you might like to grab a comfy seat in one of the following locations:

  • Forum Library Lounge or Level +1 Balcony
  • Research Commons ‘cafe style’ breakout space
  • St Luke’s Library ‘kitchen style’ breakout space

Forum Library Balcony

3 rules for making the most of our spaces:

  1. If you need help finding the right sort of study space or booking a group room  just ask; Library staff are here to help!
  2. Please respect other Library users by choosing the right environment for your needs: if you need to talk at length please make sure you are in a designated group work space.
  3. Remember the Library is a public space, so do not leave your belongings unattended. Sadly thieves have targeted our libraries in the past so always stay vigilant. Lockers are available to store your laptop and other valuables safely.

For more information why not pick up one of our leaflets or check out the Library Study Spaces website?

Extended Opening Hours for the Amory Study Centre

One message that is emerging clearly from recent feedback via Library Comments cards and, of course, from the Library Quality Survey  is that current students would like more study space available during evenings and weekends. As a result of student feedback we have already been able to open the seminar rooms on Forum Level 0 on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, we can now report that the Library has also arranged extended opening hours for the increasingly popular Amory Study Centre.

Located in the Amory Building on Rennes Drive, the Amory Study Centre offers 240 seats and supports a range of learning needs, including group work rooms and quiet study areas.

Amory Group study area

Amory is open to all students from 8.00 7 days a week. From Monday 26th November the space will be available for an additional hour and a half every day, now closing time at the later time of 21.30.

So if you haven’t visited the Amory Study Centre yet why not give it a try in the coming week: now open later, until 21.30 every day! Please ask Library staff for directions or if you need help finding or using any of our study spaces.

Changes like this one are the direct result of your feedback. Library staff are keen to hear your views and you can send us an email or fill in a comments card all year round, but the Library Quality Survey is still running until November 30th so if you haven’t done so already please take the time to click here and share your views. We hope the next improvement to our service will be the one YOU suggest!


Additional Weekend Study Space in the Forum!

Through the Library Survey you told us you needed more study space at the weekend…..

 ….We listened, and took action!

We are pleased to announce that from this weekend (Saturday November 24th)  additional study space will be available in the Forum. The seminar rooms on Forum Level 0 have previously been closed at the weekends but, in response to high demand from students, the Library has now arranged for these to be opened up to be used for study. This change has been made as a direct result of student feedback and is fully supported by Campus Services and Estate Patrol.

The seminar rooms on Forum Level 0 are accessible directly from the Forum Street, rather than through the Library and will now be usable as drop-in study spaces until 9pm each Saturday and Sunday. Please ask Library staff if you need further directions.

A view of the Library from the Forum Street

As we hope this shows, your feedback is important to Library staff and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer, so do let us know if there are other ways we can enhance your learning experience. Currently the best way to do this is by completing the Library Quality Survey, which is still running until November 30th 2012. Please click here for further details, and to start the survey. Your comments make a real difference and you could win an iPad too!