Next Meeting:

February 2nd, 2022: Howard Gayton, “Listening to the Land: Pilgrimage to COP26.”

Previous Meetings:

February 21, 2018: Inaugural Meeting

March 28, 2018: Dr. Emily Selove, “A Medieval Arabic Handbook of Magic”

May 30, 2018: Professor Marion Gibson: “Rediscovering Renaissance Witchcraft”

October 10, 2018: Barbara Dunn: “The Astrologer and the Physician”

November 14, 2018: Professor Nick Groom: “The Vampire: A New History”

January 16, 2019: Anna Milon: “The Temptation of Margaret Murray”

February 15, 2019: Howard Gayton: How does one place personal experience and epistemologies within the academic study of magic?

March 6, 2019: Dr. Bryan Brown and Olya Petrakova-Brown: MakeTank and methodologies of the drama department applied to the study of magic.

October 10, 2019: Dr. Earl Fontainelle, ‘Latin as Diabolical Vox Magica in Horror Cinema’

November 7th, 2019: Dorka Tamás, ‘Sylvia Plath and the Supernatural: Witches and Magic in Plath’s Poetry and Fiction’

December 5th, 2019: Professor Brian Rappert, “A Performance of Dissimulation: The Magic of Deception in Social and Political Life”

January 22, 2020: Samuel Gillis Hogan, “Stars in the Hand: British Latin Medieval Chiromancy and its Scholastic and Astrological Influences”

March 18, 2020: Anna Milon, “The Wildest God: Margaret Murray’s influence on interpretations of the ‘Sorcerer’ cave image.”

April 3rd, 2020: Dr. Emily Selove, “Siraj al-Din al-Sakkaki’s Dangerous Books”

May 27th, 2020: Sarah Scaife, “Visions as practise in practice-based research.”

October 14, 2020: Professor Brian Rappert, “(In)Authentic Selves: How Magicians Craft Truth and Deception in Autobiographies”

November 17th, 2020: Anna Milon and Crystal Hollis, “Popular Magic: Then and Now” : register here:

December 18, 2020: Michelle Szydlowski leads a conversation about the use and symbolic significance of animals in magic and beyond.

February 3, 2021: Dr. Luca Patrizi, “Hydromancy in the Ancient, Late Antique, and Medieval Islamic world”

March 3, 3021: Terri Windling: “The Modern Fairies Project”

October 27th, 2021:Dr. Kara Reilly: A Medium to History: The Lyric Theatre as a Hauntological Site

Nov 29th-30th, 2021: Medicine, Magic and Healing: a workshop organised by Professor Nahyan Fancy:

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