Professor Catherine Rider, Medieval History:

Professor Siam Bhayro, Semitic Languages and Jewish Studies:

Professor Dionisius Agius FBA, Arabic Studies and Islamic Material Culture:

Professor Marion Gibson, Renaissance and Magical Literatures:

Professor Sajjad Rizvi, Islamic Intellectual History and Islamic Studies:

Professor Daniel Ogden, Classics and Ancient History:

Professor Timothy Insoll, African and Islamic Archaeology:

Professor William Gallois, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean History:

Professor Brian Rappert, Science and Technology, Sociology

Dr Emily Selove, Medieval Arabic Literature:

Drs Bryan Brown and Olya Petrakova-Brown, Drama:

Dr Kara Reilly, Drama:

Dr Tony Lidington, Drama:

Dr Richard Noakes, History of Science:

Dr Jennifer Farrell, Medieval History:

Dr Laura Sangha, History of Religious Cultures of Early Modern England:

Dr James Downs, Middle East Collections Archivist

Dr Amandeep Kaur Mann, 19th-20th century architecture

Professor Jonathan Barry (Emeritus), Early Modern History:

Professor Nick Groom (Honorary Professor), English, Medical Humanities:

Dr Michelle Szydlowski, Anthrozoology, Beacon College:

PhD Students:

Tabitha Stanmore

Barbara Dunn:
Thesis: ‘Astrology is higher and nobler than medicine and every physician must be an astrologer’: The Astrological Figure and the ‘Prognostical part of Physick’ c. 1580-1700.

Samuel Gillis Hogan:
Thesis: “Familiar with Fairies: A Study of Extant Late Medieval and Early Modern Fairy Summoning Texts”

Dorka Tamas:
Thesis: “From Salem to Ariel: The Supernatural in Sylvia Plath’s Poetry”

Anna Milon:
Thesis: The Horned God as Environmental Figure in Fantasy Fiction and Live Action Role Play.
Research Interests: modern paganism, speculative fiction, British folklore, Slavic folklore, monster theory, role play, game theory, environmental and eco-fiction.

Howard Gayton:

Lucy Hilliar:

Sarah Scaife: (The South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership AHRC funded PhD Researcher):
Research Project: Medicines of uncertainty: in a more-than-human world, how might polyvocal, practice-based performance methods reveal novel ways to articulate and attend to spells of illness?

Charlotte Spence:
Thesis: Conceptions of the Dead and Divine in Greek and Latin Curse Tablets


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