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How to Post

This is the blog for students and staff at the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Exeter. All members of the Centre are welcome to contribute to the blog, although posts by postgraduate students and non-permanent members of staff require administrator approval before publication.

The Centre for Medieval Studies Blog has three main aims:

  • To publish a wide variety of content, representative of the activities and interests of the Centre’s members
  • To publish a regular flow of material
  • To give all members of the Centre the opportunity to post on the blog

Blog posts can be anything from 200 words for a short announcement to up to 1000 words for a longer discussion piece. Posts can review events, help promote new books or articles, comment on recent news or media relating to the Middle Ages/medievalism, or discuss new research findings. All posts should contain one or two appropriate images and links to any relevant webpages.

By providing blog content, you’re helping to showcase the interests and activities of the medieval academic community at Exeter, as well as gaining (further) experience of writing concise online copy for a broader audience. You should also take the opportunity to increase the audience of your post and those of others by sharing it on social media using the share icons displayed below your published post.

For detailed instructions on how to post, please click on the relevant link below:

The current administrators of the blog are: Helen Birkett, Levi Roach, Catherine Rider and James Clark.

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