CHANGE PROJECTS – leading change mindfully

At the University of Exeter, students have the unique opportunity to learn about mindfulness within a module on LEADING CHANGE in Practice. They try out how mindful leading can help change agents to succeed.

Presentationllll1Click on the pictures to find out more about their great ideas to make a difference in the world!


New Projects

CHANGE: Social Media Shutdown

CHANGE: Giving “man’s best friend” a voice¬†

CHANGE: Palm Oil is Harm Oil

Projects from 2016

1566 UoE PG Business

CHANGE: Academic student engagement

CHANGE: Girls Do Lift!

Think before act

CHANGE: Think before act

CHANGE: power of now

CHANGE: power of now

CHANGE: Sustainability at our University

CHANGE: Sustainability at our University


CHANGE: Email communication

CHANGE: career zone

CHANGE: career zone

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