July 2022

May 2022

  • Congratulations to Paul Williams, whose monograph Dreaming the Graphic Novel: The Novelization of Comics has won the 2020 Book Prize at the Comics History Awards presented by the Grand Comics Database!

April 2022

  • Congratulations to Prof. Helen Hanson, who has won Best Journal Article in the 2022 Publication Awards presented by the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies! This is for Helen’s stellar article “Looking for Lela Simone: Singin’ in the Rain and microhistories of women’s sound work behind the scenes and below-the-line in Classical Hollywood Cinema” (Women’s History Review, vol. 29, no. 5, 2020).

February 2022

  • Congratulations to Michael-Angelo Keramidas, who has passed his PhD entitled “Reclaiming White Privilege: The Crisis of White Masculinity in Post-World War Two American Literature”!

2021 News in Digest

  • In March 2021 Paul Williams received an Honourable Mention in the Book Prize category of the Research Society of American Periodicals awards for his monograph Dreaming the Graphic Novel.
  • New books published this year by members of NAARG:

* Ellen McWilliamsIrishness in North American Women’s Writing: Transatlantic Affinities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021)

* Mark Turner, ed., Understanding Marx, Understanding Modernism (Bloomsbury, 2021)

2020 News in Digest

  • Three evenings of talks relating to U.S. Presidential Election were held between 13 Oct.-3 Nov. 2020: Prof. Jason Reifler (Exeter) and Dr. Darren Schreiber (Exeter) explained the path to election day, from caucuses to the Electoral College; Dr Zalfa Feghali (Leicester), Prof. Ian Scott (Manchester), and Dr Rachel Sykes (Birmingham) spoke about Presidents on screen and what they read; and in the Election Day Roundtable, the following scholars and activists shared their thoughts on how the campaigns had gone and what the outcome might be: Dr Gregorio Bettiza (Exeter), Dr Sinead McEneaney (Open University), Dr Marc-William Palen (Exeter), Dr Cara Rodway (British Library & Chair of the British Association for American Studies), Ms Alicia Wang (Member of the Democratic National Committee, 1992–2008, and Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party, 1997–2009). Thanks to all our speakers and to our students for asking such thoughtful questions!
  • Prof. Jo Gill’s article “Elizabeth Bishop’s Pink” was published in The Review of English Studies in October 2020.
  • Prof. Sinéad Moynihan enjoyed grant success this year for her research into Belfast-born writer Brian Moore (1921-1999), who spent most of his adult life in Canada and the United States. Sinéad was awarded a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant for the project “Brian Moore at 100” in August 2020, as well as a Harry Ransom Center Visiting Fellowship to consult the Brian Moore Papers held at the HRC. You can read more about project and the public activities taking place here.
  • Congratulations to our students for their success at this year’s British Association for American Studies Awards: PhD student Jessica Mehta won the Public Engagement and Impact Award for her project “’White Alliahs’: The Creation & Perpetuation of the Wise Indian Trope” and Siobhan Owen won the Undergraduate Essay Prize for “Delivering the Whale: Women’s Labour and the Production of Moby-Dick.
  • In April 2020 Professor Sinéad Moynihan was awarded the 2019 Michael J. Durkan prize for her book, Ireland, Migration and Return Migration: The “Returned Yank” in the Cultural Imagination, 1952 to the present.
  • New books published this year by members of NAARG:

* Paul WilliamsDreaming the Graphic Novel: The Novelization of Comics (Rutgers UP, 2020)

2019 News in Digest

  • On 10 April 2019 the Spanish Association for American Studies awarded Paul Williams the Javier Coy Biennial Research Award for Best Journal Article 2017-18 for his article “Jules Feiffer’s Tantrum at the End of Narcissism’s Decade,” published in the Fall 2018 issue of Studies in the Novel.
  • In April 2019 first-year PhD student Shihoko Inoue won a Postgraduate Travel Award from the British Association for American Studies (BAAS) to travel to Smith College, MA and Indiana University to study the Sylvia Plath archives. Shihoko’s PhD is on Plath and medical technologies.
  • Prof. Jo Gill published the article “Gwendolyn Brooks and the Legacies of Architectural Modernity” in the journal Humanities.
  • Several members of NAARG published books in 2018-19:

*Jason M. BaskinModernism Beyond the Avant-Garde: Embodying Experience (Cambridge UP, 2018)

*Joanna Freer, ed. The New Pynchon Studies: Twenty-First Century Critical Revisions (Cambridge UP, 2019)

—.Ali Chetwynd and Georgios Maragos, ed., Thomas Pynchon, Sex, and Gender (U of Georgia P, 2018)

*James Lyons, Documentary, Performance and Risk (Routledge, 2019).

2018 News in Digest

  • Dr Sinéad Moynihan has been appointed co-editor of the Journal of American Studies, taking up this position in January 2019.
  • The 2018 Gamini Salgado Prize, awarded to the undergraduate dissertation that best communicates the qualities of imagination and intellectual flair, was awarded to Rebecca Young for “‘See her Brain – go round’: Emily Dickinson, Neurodiversity and the Matter of the Brain.”
  • Professor Jo Gill delivered a keynote address to the joint conference of BAAS and the European Association for American Studies, held 4-7 April 2018 at KCL / UCL / the British Library.
  • In April 2018 third-year BA English and Visual Culture student Jac Lewis was awarded the BAAS Undergraduate Essay Prize for his essay “‘Language is, so We May Ms-Under-Stend Each Udda’: Modernism in the Comics Art of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat.”