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Postgraduate Philosophy of Psychedelics PHLM013/M014 module:

Convenors: Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Prof. Christine Hauskeller (with guest lecturers)
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Place: Byrne House Seminar Room, Ground Floor
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WEEK 1: Introduction to Philosophy and Psychedelics
WEEK 2: Philosophy of Psychedelics and Mysticism
WEEK 3: Ethics of the Medicalization of Psychedelics
WEEK 4: The Self and Psychedelics
WEEK 5: Biopiracy and Epistemicide vis-à-vis Psychedelics
WEEK 7: Indigenous Cosmologies
WEEK 8: Gender and Psychedelics
WEEK 9: Cognitive Liberty and the Law vis-à-vis Psychedelics
WEEK 10: Nature Connectedness, Ecology, and Psychedelics
WEEK 11: Aesthetics and Psychedelics
WEEK 12: Open Doors

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Undergraduate Philosophy of Psychedelics PHL2117/3117 module:

Convenors: Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes (and Prof. Christine Hauskeller)
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Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: History of Psychedelic Use: Amerindian

Week 3: History of Psychedelic use: Western

Week 4: Metaphysics and Psychedelics: Spinoza, James, Whitehead

Week 5: Psychedelic Aesthetics

Week 6: Medicalization of Psychedelics

Week 7: Environmentalism and Psychedelics

Week 8: Gender and Psychedelics

Week 9: The Phenomenology of Psychedelics

Week 10: Philosophy of Mind and Neuroscience of Psychedelics

Week 11: Summary Session

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