Below is a full list of attendees to the workshop and their contact email addresses.




Emma Doughty

emma.doughty at

Warwick Medical School

Andrew Griffiths

andiff100 at

University of Salford

Ryan Joynson

r.e.joynson1 at

University of Salford

Murray Grant

M.R.Grant at

University of Exeter

Adam Bates

ahb212 at

University of Exeter

Elisabeth Machteld Biersma

elibi at

University of Cambridge, British Antarctic Survey

James Buckley

James.Buckley at

University of Glasgow

James Burgon

j.burgon.1 at

University of Glasgow

Szymon Calus

s.t.calus at

University of Birmingham

Julia R. de Rezende at

Newcastle University

Rocky Kindt

S1269542 at

University of Edinburgh

Sarah Johnston

johnstonsr at

Cardiff University

Adela Lujan

A.M.Lujan at

CLES University of Exeter

Stefanie Lutz

eeslu at

University of Leeds

Iordanis Magiopoulos

i.magiopoulos at


Sean Meaden

sm341 at

University of Exeter

Pauline Oliveira Pantoja

p.o.pantoja at

University of Stirling

Emily Pascoe

em_pascoe at

Cardiff University

Blanca Perez Sepulveda

B.M.Perez-Sepulveda at

University of Warwick

Julian Pietrzyk

julianpietrzyk at

University of Edinburgh

Frances Pitt

f.pitt at

Warwick University

Katherine Roberts

k.roberts at

University of Exeter

Ashley Robinson

axr624 at

University of Birmingham

Sanjeev Sharma

sanjeev.sharma at

The James Hutton Institute

Ana Suarez-Suarez

ana.suarez-suarez at

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences-Newcastle University

Alexander Tagg

Alexander.tagg at

Brunel University

Mathieu Vanhove

m.vanhove12 at

Imperial College London

Christoffer Bugge Harder

chbh at

Statens Serum Institut

Laura Craddock

lcraddock at


Anne Karin Kristoffersen

a.k.kristoffersen at

University of Oslo

Jamie Taylor

jtaylor2 at


Roz Laing

Rosalind.Laing at

University Of Glasgow

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