The COST MP1209 Action has now ended.

However, the Quantum Thermodynamics network developed during the COST MP1209 Action will continue.

Further information, on how to join the network will be available shortly.

A network of scientists to develop theory and experiment.

Despite the development and success of thermodynamics over centuries, many basic questions are still open. The gaps in the current understanding of thermodynamics become particularly relevant when it is applied to the study of systems at the nanoscale. Read more

We are a network of researchers from 32 different countries, mainly in Europe. Our goal is to significantly advance the theory of foundational thermodynamics, with a focus on its applicability in the nanoscale regime, and pursue quantum thermodynamics experiments.

This network is funded by the COST framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology (Action MP1209).

To see our network member locations please click here


Quantum Journal: A new, open access & low cost journal.

Quantum is a new non-profit open-access journal for quantum science that was founded by three participants of the network (Lídia del Rio, Christian Gogolin, and Marcus Huber). Quantum is a selective online, arxiv-overlay journal for quantum science, including Quantum Thermodynamics. Quantum publishes original research and review articles. The editorial criteria are correctness, significance, and quality of presentation; the expected number of citations is not a criterium. Quantum is run by volunteers from the community and, being non-profit, it can concentrate on publishing quality research without financial conflicts of interest. Quantum‘s internal structure ensures a strict separation of powers. Its editors are experts in their field, the Steering Board of highly respected researchers overseas the development of the journal and the Executive Board manages the operations of the journal. Quantum opened for submissions in November 2016. Since then some 50 papers have been submitted and are undergoing peer-review. The launch issue of Quantum has been published on the 25th of April.