Reimbursement Policy

Who can receive reimbursement from the COST MP1209 network?
Conferences and meetings
All meetings (co-)organized by the COST network MP1209 have a limited budget to reimburse participants for their travel. Participants who will be considered for reimbursement from the network budget are:
  • up to 4 invited experts per meeting,
  • official network members (members from approved IPC institutions should check their eligibility for reimbursement with the )

If you are not an official member and wish to be reimbursed, we strongly encourage you to join the network first. External self-funded researchers can register for any meeting organized by COST MP1209.

Please note that the budget does not allow guaranteed reimbursement and prioritization criteria will be announced and applied for each meeting.
Short-term scientific missions and training meetings

Funding will be allocated competitively to researchers from any of the participating European countries, as listed here.

A previous link of the applicant to the COST network MP1209 is not required.

Apply here.