Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC) represents the participating countries in decisions on the Action. It monitors achievements of the Working Groups and decides on actions to take from the research results, both scientifically and for potential economic applications. The MC updates network participants on its decisions through the website and regular email updates. The MC reports to the COST Office once a year.

Janet Anders (UK)
Renato Renner (Switzerland)

The members of the Management Committee are listed here.

Grant Holder and Financial Rapporteurs

The Grant Holder Institution manages the funding provided by the COST office. Two Financial Rapporteurs report on our finances once a year.

Grant Holder Institution
University of Exeter (UK)
Scientific Representative
Janet Anders (UK)
Financial Rapporteurs
Vittorio Giovannetti (IT) & Christian Van den Broeck (BE)

Working Group leaders

WG1: Equilibration, thermalisation & emergence of canonical states
Jens Eisert (DE) & Antonio Acin (ES)
WG2: Thermodynamic and information theoretic relations for general quantum systems
Eric Lutz (DE) & Terry Rudolph (UK)
WG3: Implementations, from classical to quantum thermodynamic experiments
Alberto Imparato (DK) & Peter Barker (UK)

Additional positions

Short-Term Scientific Missions Coordinators
Andrei Manolescu (IS) & Mauro Paternostro (UK)
Early-Stage Researchers Representatives
Andre Xuereb (MT) & Amikam Levy (IL)
Equalities Representatives
Yasser Omar (PT) & Roberta Zambrini (ES)
Dissemination / Outreach Co-ordinators
James Millen (UK) & Andre Xuereb (MT)
DC Rapporteur
Jose Miguel Rubi (ES)
Sandra Howsley (UK)

Project administrator

The project administrator works with the MC Chair, assisting in the management of the project, including communication with network participants, organization of travel, servicing of project meetings, and producing annual reports.


(Working days: Wednesday and Thursday)
Phone: +44 (0)1392 725943
Room G1A, Physics Building
University of Exeter
Stocker Rd.
Exeter, EX4 4QL
United Kingdom