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The COST MP1209 Action has now ended.

However, the Quantum Thermodynamics network developed during the COST MP1209 Action will continue.

Further information, on how to join the network will be available shortly.


The COST network is open to European researchers who have a record of contributions related to the field of “thermodynamics in the quantum regime”.  For early-stage researchers (in particular PhD students) a clear commitment to work on a project in the field is sufficient.

Joining Procedure

Researchers who are based in a country that has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (in other words, a country that is already part of the Action MP1209, as listed here) can apply directly to us to officially join the network.  Simply fill in the form below.

Researchers who are based in a country that has not signed the Memorandum of Understanding need to contact their COST National Coordinator (CNC). Instructions here.

Support for attending network events

The COSTMP1209 network has limited funds available to reimburse member’s travel expenses when attending network events.  Please note that you will not be eligible for reimbursement until your membership has been approved.  If you apply to join the network shortly before an event, please be aware that it is possible that, by the time your membership is approved, no funded places will be available.

Application Form

Please describe your current position and research below.

Decision Committee

The applications will be reviewed and approved by a committee consisting of: Chair, Vice-Chair, a member of the Management Committee in charge of collecting applications, Working Group Leaders (one from each working group), one Equalities representative and one Early Stage Researchers representative.