The aim of a Short-term scientific mission (STSM) is to contribute to the scientific objectives of this COST Action, by allowing scientists to go to an instiution or laboratory in another COST country to foster scientific collaboration.  The provided financial support covers travel costs and subsistence.  The financial support is a contribution to the costs of a STSM and may not necessarily cover all the costs.  There will be several calls within the duration of this COST Action.

All Calls are now completed.

Over the course of the Action we have had 17 Calls and supported 59 STSM applications.

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The Applicant

The applicant may be a PhD student, a postdoc or a member of staff based in a research institution in a European COST country participating in MP1209, as listed here.

Home & Host Institution

The host institution must be either a research institution located in a European country participating in MP1209 or research institutes in non-European countries participating in MP1209, as listed here.  Visits within the same country will not be supported.

Financial Support

The financial support provided by the STSM scheme of the COST MP1209 network is intended to cover a part, but not necessarily all, of the costs associated with the research visit. Indicative values for the requested budget are:

• 300-500 € travel expenses (depending on the destination)
• 70 € daily allowance (including hotel expenses)

The total amount requested per STSM cannot exceed 2500 € and this maximum is expected to allow extended visits. The financial contribution for a STSM will be a fixed grant based on the applicant’s requested budget and the evaluation of the application by the STSM assessment committee. Please note that for successful applications the requested budget will only be transferred after the STSM took place. It is encouraged that the host advances the financial resources to the applicant and receives reimbursement directly from MP1209.

An applicant expecting to have childcare costs or to require travel for a family member to provide childcare should contact the administrator (

Application Procedure

Before submitting an STSM application the applicant must discuss the envisaged research project and collaboration partner(s) with the host institution and obtain a host statement of support. STSM grantees must make their own arrangements for all health, social, personal security, and pension matters. The application must consist of:

a) Cover letter (1-2 pages) in which the applicant clearly indicates the scientific motivation of the visit, how it relates to Quantum Thermodynamics and to the research partner(s) at the host institution. Applicants must mention if they have been granted an STSM grant before, the dates of the previous visit and the previous host institution.

b) Copy of the completed online COST STSM Application form submitted by the applicant using the online registration tool here.  The following information has to be provided online:
⁃ Applicant’s data: name, work place, address etc.
⁃ Planned dates and duration of the STSM *
⁃ Information about the proposed STSM: title, short description etc.
⁃ Short CV, with the relevant information.
⁃ Requested budget
⁃ Bank details of grant receiver (host or applicant)

d) Budget justification on half a page. The applicant must justify the requested budget, indicating the total expected cost for travel, accommodation and daily allowance. The applicant must specify whether the grant is to be transferred to the applicant or the host institution. Additional financial support from other sources should also be stated.

e) Host support letter

f) Brief CV with publications

g) PhD student applications must also provide a short statement of support for the proposed visit from their supervisor.
* [It is possible to change the dates of a successful STSM application if applicant and host agree. To do so the applicant must contact the STSM coordinators and inform them of the suggested change of the visit dates. However, the STSM duration should not be reduced as this is an integral part of the STSM. STSMs that do fall short of the originally specified duration will not be reimbursed the full amount originally allocated. The budget reduction will be prorate to original budget allocated.]

The application must be submitted as a single PDF document by email to the COSTMP1209 Administrator (). Before submitting an application, please check carefully that you have provided all required documents in a single PDF – incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Evaluation Process and Result Announcement

The applications will be pre-processed by the STSM coordinators who will then propose a ranked list of applications to the selection committee: Chair & Vice-Chair, WG Leaders, STSM coordinators, early stage researcher and equalities representatives. The committee will inform the Grant Holder of the successful evaluated proposals. The successful applicants will then receive a grant letter from the Grant Holder, stating the official approval of the STSM application, the granted budget and a “Payment Request Form” which has to be completed after the completion of the STSM for the grant to be transferred. The applicant has to notify acceptance of the grant by returning the letter, with his/her signature, a week after receiving the grant letter.

STSM Completion Report

The grantee is required to submit to the STSM coordinators within 4 weeks after the completion of the STSM a short scientific report no longer than 2 pages A4, with the following information:
a) Purpose of STSM
b) Description of the work carried out during the STSM
c) Description of the main results obtained
d) Future collaboration with the host institute (if applicable)
e) Foreseen publications (if applicable)
f) Confirmation by the host institution of the successful completion of the STSM
g) Other comments (if any).

Note that: for STSM ending in the period 15th April – 29th April 2017, the completion report must be in our hands by the 15th of May. This is very important in order to complete the reimbursement procedure by the 30th of May.

Notice of Completion

The STSM coordinators will approve the final report and will send a “STSM notice of completion” together with the short scientific report to the Grant Holder. The Grant Holder will then process the payment of the grant to either the host institution or the applicant, as requested in the application.

Acknowledgment of MP1209 in Publications

If work resulting from an STSM visit are published in a journal please add the following acknowledgement in your paper: Part of this work was supported by the COST Action MP1209 “Thermodynamics in the quantum regime”.

Andrei Manolescu, Mauro Paternostro

(STSM Coordinators of the COST Action MP1209)