D REACH-HF: Digital Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure

The REACH-HF programme is now being rolled-out across the UK using the paper-based manual. Although the programme has been well received by patients, care-givers and health-professionals, we have had many requests for it to be in a digital format, e.g. accessed via a website or app.

We have received funding from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Hope for Hearts fund to create a digital version of the REACH-HF programme to improve patient choice of, and accessibility to, cardiac rehabilitation.

We will engage in interviews and discussions with patients, caregivers and health-professionals to help us understand and include their perspectives in the development of the digital REACH-HF intervention.

We will continue to work with patient and public involvement (PPI) advisors, to engage in the design, delivery and dissemination of this project to ensure that the work undertaken is sensitive to the needs of HF patients.

23 Digitally enhancing effective home-based cardiac rehabilitation for people living with heart failure | Heart (bmj.com)

Download the Participant Information Sheet here

Download the Healthcare Professionals Information Sheet here

BHF Professionals on Twitter: "Our Hope for Hearts Fund aims to support innovative ideas that will transform heart failure care and services. We need your expertise to help make this a reality: