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Keynote Speakers


Professor Deborah Ashby

Professor Deborah Ashby holds the Chair in Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials at Imperial College London. Deborah is a Chartered Statistician and an Honorary Member of both the Faculty of Public Health Medicine and the Royal College of Radiologists. Her research interests are in clinical trials, risk-benefit decision making for medicines, and the utility of Bayesian approaches in these areas.

As of the 1st January 2019, Deborah is also the President of the Royal Statistical Society.


Dr John Paul Gosling

Dr John Paul Gosling is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the School of Mathematics within the University of Leeds. During his research career John Paul has looked at elicitation of expert beliefs, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of complex computer models, transparent use of subjective beliefs in risk assessment. His current research is focussed on the reduction of the use of animals in toxicological risk assessment. John Paul also provides consultancy services on Bayesian statistics, expert elicitation and accounting for uncertainty.



Dr Theo Economou

Dr Theo Economou is a lecturer in Statistical Science in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences within the University of Exeter.

His research focusses on applying statistical models to solve problems in a variety of areas, including environmental sciences, hydroinformatics, epidemiology and public health, broadly focussing around applied Bayesian modelling.


Dr Tim Paulden

Dr Tim Paulden¬†is the Innovation & Development Manager at ATASS Sports. He joined the company as a researcher in 2007 after completing his mathematics PhD at Exeter University, which focused on the use of evolutionary algorithms to solve network problems. Tim’s current role spans numerous areas including technical training, coding innovation, designing statistical workshops (for PhD students and other audiences) and managing the company’s internship programme. In addition, he works closely with Exeter Mathematics School, where he is the lead governor for curriculum. Tim is actively involved in the Royal Statistical Society, and formerly chaired the Young Statisticians Section (YSS), representing members in the first ten years of their career.

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