The itinerant strategist; or, what does an applied strategist do when not in the classroom?

Andrew Rathmell, an Honorary Visiting Professor with SSI, when not lecturing on strategy at Exeter, has a day job as a strategy adviser to governments seeking to end conflicts and to build more stable states.  His company, Aktis Strategy, is commissioned by donors, foreign ministries and private companies to analyse knotty strategy problems and help to design and implement solutions to some of the world’s most troubled states and societies.  Andrew has picked up a few things along the way since having tried to come up, post-facto, with a plan for the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq a decade ago, but he notes that each new crisis does not get easier to solve.

In this occasional blog series, Andrew gives some insights into just what an applied strategist may do outside the classroom. Read more here: Building Our Strategic Capabilities


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