Marc Waring writes for the RUSI Journal on the Domestic Deployment of the British Army

Capt Marc Waring, a former Defence Fellow at SSI, has just written an article on “The Domestic Deployment of the British Army –  the Case for a Third Force” which has been published in the RUSI Journal.

Military Aid to the Civil Power has been employed sparingly, with the exception of Northern Ireland and some niche commitments, for much of the last decade, yet the requirement for it remains. Western democracies such as the UK maintain the ability to deploy their troops on home soil as a last resort, when civilian authorities are overwhelmed or exhausted. The riots of August 2011, for example, prompted calls for the deployment of the army. Marc Waring examines whether the army is still the most appropriate force to assist the police in extremis public-order situations or whether it is time to establish a ‘third force’, sitting between the police and the army.

If you are a RUSI Journal subscriber you can read Marc Waring’s full article here:

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