Gareth Stansfield’s co-authors Chatham House Paper

Chatham House, the home of the Royal  Institute of International Affairs has just published a paper co-authored by SSI’s Director of Research – Gareth Stansfield.  The paper considers how Iraqi foreign policy is being shaped by key people, processes and history as the country tries to reposition itself globally while dealing with a legacy of international sanctions and internal divisions over its position in an increasingly polarised Middle East region.   The authors have conducted a first-hand interviews in Iraq as well as workshops and interviews in London and Washington with a broad spectrum of diplomats, politicians, analysts and historians and civil society voices.

The paper is online at Chatham House here )

Paul Cornish meeting with NATO and more

In March Professor Paul Cornish took part in a meeting on NATO co-operation with the Asia-Pacific region at Wilton Park, the conference centre of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Later in the month he spoke at a cyber-security conference in Beijing and attended the launch at Chatham House of the Tallinn Manual on the International Law applicable to Cyber Warfareedited by Professor Michael Schmitt.