5 things I wish I knew before coming to university


Contact Hours
Despite being a university student, and told that you should become more independent and not rely on your lecturers and tutors to spoon feed you your learning materials, don’t forget that you can always seek help from your tutors during contact hours.

If I had a chance to repeat year one, I would better utilise contact hours because tutors are so helpful to answer any of your questions to prepare you for your assignments and exams. I had a few assignments which I thought I did not do well enough, and after approaching academics during contact hours for feedback, I actually made significant improvements in my next assignment because I had a very clear understanding of what I had to improve on.


Career Mentor Scheme
Exeter has its own career department and students can approach the help desk at the Forum to book in mock interviews, CV checks and cover letter writing workshops etc. If you wish to look for a part-time job, there are regular job listings on their website and would be super useful if you need any resources to help you prepare for your future career.



Freshers wristbands
I did not purchase a wristband because I didn’t know where I wanted to go during Freshers last year and just ended following my friends to the zoo party. However, my friends had feedback saying they are expensive if you are not going to the events initially, because of the wide range of events to choose from.


Cardiac Hill
Prior to choosing Exeter and my accommodation at Birks Grange Village, I have never been to the campus before because I am based outside the UK. The day when I checked-in at Birks Grange Village, I realised that this accommodation site wasn’t as near to the campus (as it was stated on the map), and I had to walk a long way up the Cardiac Hill (a rather steep slope) to the Forum.

It would be best if you bring a pair of good quality sneakers because you would want a pair of good shoes that you can walk in comfortably up and down the hill every day.


Student discounts
As a university student in the UK, you are eligible to download the UniDays app and use their student discount offers when dining at high street chain restaurants, or shopping at stores like Hollister and Topshop.

I did not know about this app until October and if I started using the app earlier, it would have saved me a lot of my money when I dined out with my friends during Freshers week and early September.

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